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The doll curse

By: kyle press

Page 1, the doll curse short preview: meet annabella a young child who just happens to be magical

                                                                                  the doll curse

annabella was not just an ordinary child she was differnt,not differnt in a bad way but in a good way,when annabell was born she was cursed by a witch the curse was that when the full moon strikes on her 17th birthday she will be turned into a doll for the rest of her life.the only way for her to break this horrible curse is for her to find her true love before she turns 17.


16 years later


"mom! what will we do? its july and my birthday is in 3 months! i reallty don't want to be a doll" annabella told her mum,her mum understood how scared she was but did'nt know what to say.annabella lived life to the fullest,she made friends and a few enemys,sometimes she would have a few fights but they would resolve it.


annabella is a smart child.she plans to go to universty and study media to become a game maker,annabella believed the witch was out there somewhere and so she would look for her everyday,one day she met this guy is name was justin,justin just moved here from canda... he asked her if she wanted to go for a coffee so they did,justin told her about his past,he was raised in a church based family and he wants to meet someone and just have fun and fall madly in love

after their little date justin kissed her goodnight and they both went home days went by where they then began to date,annabella decied to tell justin about the curse so she did,he took it well and promised to love her to the end,they were very much inlove...

today was the day of her birthday,annabella was not happy at all. it soon turned to 7pm when they had a knock at the door it was justin,he took her out for a meal and then they went to look at the stars... he said to her " annabella i hunted the witch down and asked her to give me the curse too,i can't let you be alone as a doll so i decied to be one too.. i love you so much"

annabella was shocked and before they know it the full moon was out and they were changing,the clouds went grey and they both lifted to the air and droped,once they landed they were a wooden like texture...

3 months later

"and do you take justin to be your newly wedded husband?" said the prist

"i do" said annabella.

annabella and justin got married and lived happly ever after

the end

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