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the bsd thing in the bath tube

Book By: mariaanderic
Childrens stories

it dont make since

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Once there was this monster that lived in the bath tube of this little boys house and the little boy didn't know what to do so he want and asked his mom he said "mom at night theirs this big monster that comes out of the drain in my bedroom and he was big and scary he was blue with eyes all over the place its creepy mommy".

That's why every night I come to you and daddy's room im scared why wont it stop scaring me for so the next morning James goes into his bathroom and he stares at the tube and he said to the drain " please don't let that mean old monster threw the drain tonight."

All the drain did was gargle because water just went down the drain and James heard something in the drain what he heard was something he wasn't suppose to hear the monster said " I hate my job I love humans and im starting to like this one boy in apartment 134a on east elm street.

That night the monster came but not to scare James but to take him to the land of monsters it was called monstertopia . It was a city in a parolee universe a million light years away James and the monster they well went to a fair it was for monsters and there best scare child well the thousand eyed monster that's his name.

way back in the day ttem said "your father was not easy to scare but I will tell you what he is most afraid of its sand he hates the stuff I can tell you this if you was to go home right now and go into the backyard there wouldn't he a sand box in site would there James.

James was having the best time but he had to go he was getting up real soon so ttem took James home and put him into a sleep so that when he would wake up he would think that that was just a dream but James wasn't dumb he new that that night was real.

The next morning James went to his father and asked him if he could have a sand box his father said "No" "but why" said, James "because im deathly afraid of sand James" said, his father
"the thousand eyed monster was right he shouted!" his father said " oh no not again."

James said, "what's happing again daddy." "nothing sport now just run along my child." said his father and James did he went to his room and tried to sleep but he wasn't tired anymore.

So that night when James went to bed his dad went into his room to have a little chat with ttem but he didn't show so James father didn't think anymore about it so that next morning James got up and he went outside and saw that there was a big sandbox in the middle of the yard.

"Thanks dad" said, James "but why did you do this dad " the things you said last night son reminded me that all it was, was a leaking facet that made those sounds I was dreaming when ttem started to come into the picture he isn't real James hens only a person in your imagination.



About the author


Hi im Eric James smith jr im currently 18 my birthday is December 2 1990 im the 2nd oldest out of my dads kids my parents are divorced and both remarried I was born at home at 6:51am I was rushed to the hospital where I was given a blanket to try to give me warmth. My dad at the time getting ready to go to desert storm my father didn't even get to bold his first boy until he was 8 months old live wrote many different books but I gave them to people for different things like Christmas and birthdays they are not published I hope to one day become a good writer and a great husband and a great chef I currently go to Springfield Clark ctc in Springfield Ohio it's a vocational school my program that im taking there is culinary arts so far this year its been great my favorite teachers are all of them they all are nice until you don't get the work turned in on time theirs Mr. king, Mrs. Baumgartner, Mrs. Whitacre, Mr. hay, and Mrs. Grimm its an honor that I have the pleasure of spending my last 2 years in high school with them then im going to Sinclair community collage to do culinary arts I say to you thank you for your help in getting my career started. I thank my best friend maria Madison for everything she has done for me.

The bad thing in the bath tube

By: Eric James smith Jr


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