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Four friends use their imagination to recreate the Noah's Ark story of the Bible. Join Kimberly, Samuel, David, and Leah as they tell the story in their own way.

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Knock, knock, knock! The loud banging on their front door pulled Kimberly and

Leah from the movie they had been watching. They heard their Mom go to open the


"Look," Leah said, looking out the window. "It finally quit raining."

Kimberly turned to look out the window, too. "It's about time," she said happily.

"Girls," Mrs. Williams said, "Samuel and David are here." The boys came into the


Samuel was excited. "You guys have to come out and see the rainbow."

"Yeah," David spoke up. "It made the last four days of rain seem not so bad after all."

"Come on," Kimberly said grabbing Leah's hand.

"Wait. I need to tie my shoes." Leah tried to tie as fast as she could.

Kimberly knelt down next to her little sister and helped her hurry by tying the other


"Thanks!" Leah told her as all four of them raced to the back door.

Kimberly was running in the lead when she opened the door. She stopped so suddenly, that the others bumped into her so hard she had to take a step to keep from falling.

"Wow!" whispered Leah.

"Isn't it great?" asked David.

Samuel looked at it, then asked out loud, "Do you think if we can find the end of

it there will be a pot of gold?"

Kimberly tossed a "what are you thinking?" look at him.

"That's just pretend." David punched his brother playfully in the arm. "Don't you

know what the rainbow really means?" he asked.

"Of course." Samuel put his hands on his hips and told them all, "It means that God

promises to never flood the entire earth again." He recited that little bit of information as

if he'd been saying it all his life and was somewhat upset that he was being asked


After a few minutes of just staring at the beautiful colors of the rainbow, they got a

little antsy.

David ended their quiet moment with, "Who wants to build an ark?"

All at the same time, the other three raised their hands and hollered, "Meeeee!"

"I get to be Noah." David hollered before Samuel could say it.

Samuel made a face at David.

David told him, "You know the rules. First come first served. I said it first, so I get

to be Noah."

Samuel said something under his breath and thought no one else heard it.

"What?" David wanted to know what Samuel had said.

"That's fine with me," Samuel repeated in a loud, grumpy voice.

Not wanting to waste one minute of their playtime outside, Kimberly jumped in to

take charge as she always did. "Let's get busy. We have a lot of work to do. What do

we need?"

David thought for a moment. "I think it would be best if we started at the beginning

of the story. I'm Noah."

"We know that!" Samuel rolled his eyes.

David pretended that he didn't hear his little brother, who could be so annoying at

times. "That would make Kimberly my wife." He said.

"I wonder what her name was," Kimberly said. "I'll have to see if Mom can look it


David spoke to Samuel, "You can be one of Noah's sons."

"Which one?" Samuel asked.

"Take your pick. There were three, Ham, Shem and Japheth."

"Ham!" Samuel exclaimed. "Who would name their son Ham?"

"Pick Shem," Leah said. "If I'm going to be your wife, it's the easiest to say,

except for Ham."

"They named him after a pig!" Samuel couldn't forget about that.

Kimberly was wondering out loud when she asked, "If Noah had three sons, who's

going to play the other two?"

"Maybe they're out of town," Leah thought.

"Out of town isn't going to work. God's going to flood the entire earth. Even those

out of town are going to drown," David said.

"We can just pretend they're here," Kimberly said matter-of-factly. "They just don't


"That'll work," said David

Samuel said. "Let's go over to where we're building our fort. We can work on

it and pretend that it's the ark."

Everyone agreed that was a good idea. So Samuel and David went to their house to

get their tool belts, while the girls went to borrow their Dad's tools. Then they all set up

over near the fort.

By the time the boys got to the fort, they were already pretending to be Noah and


"Honey?" Noah said quietly. "Could I talk to you alone?"

"Of course, Dear," Kimberly said, stepping into her role as Noah's wife.


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