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Puddle Pond - What Is It?

Book By: shadowlight
Childrens stories

Book one: where a new strange object enters the friends at Puddle Pond bringing great curiosity of what exactly this new object is.

Submitted:May 27, 2011    Reads: 34    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Puddle Pond "What Is It?" The Puddle Pond Song "When the sun comes up! And we pick our heads up! We all get together and sing a song, Sing a song. About our home at Puddle Pond, Puddle Pond." One day Sprocket was hopping along, when he suddenly fell into something strange. He did not know what it was. "What is it?" Sprocket wondered. "It might be a new lily pad!" He thought. Sprocket brought the strange lily pad back to the pond to see if it would float, but it did not float. Skitter came over and asked, "What is it?" as Sprocket pulled the strange object out of the pond. "I do not know Skitter. It is not a new lily pad." Sprocket said. Skitter looked at the strange object. "Maybe it is a house!" Skitter said as he began to crawl into the strange house. But, it began to rain and the boot started to fill with water and Skitter got wet. "What is it?" Sprocket asked Skitter. "I do not think it is a house." Skitter told Sprocket. "Maybe Miss Kawington will know." Miss Kawington looked at the strange object and asked, "What is it?" Skitter and Sprocket said "we do not know." "Maybe it is a new nest" Miss Kawington said. Miss Kawington tried to lift the strange nest into the tree, but it was too heavy and it fell to the ground. The strange nest landed next to Rosie and scared her. "Sorry Rosie." Miss Kawington said. "What is it?" Rosie asked. "We do not know," said Skitter, Sprocket and Miss Kawington. "Maybe it is a back scratcher!" Rosie said. Rosie began to rub her back up against the strange back scratcher. The strange back scratcher fell down. "I do not think it is a back scratcher." Rosie said. "What is it?" Hammer asked as he flew down to his friends. "We do not know," said Sprocket, Skitter, Miss Kawington and Rosie. "Maybe it is a broken tree," Hammer said. Hammer then started to peck with his beak at the strange broken tree and he got his beak stuck. "I do not think it is a broken tree." Hammer said after his friends helped pull his beak out. "We should ask Rumble." Rosie said. And all agreed to bring the strange object to their friend Rumble. "What is it?" Sprocket, Skitter, Miss Kawington, Rosie and Hammer asked Rumble. "It is a type of shoe. It is called a boot!" Rumble said with a big smile as he put his foot into it. "And now I have four shoes! Thank you," Rumble said now showing off his shoes. "Your welcome," said Sprocket, Skitter, Miss Kawington, Rosie and Hammer. "That is what it is. It is a boot!" Sprocket, Skitter, Miss Kawington, Rosie and Hammer said to each other in excitement. Rumble joined their happy laughing. The Puddle Pond Song Before the sun goes down! And we lay our heads down! We all get together and sing a song, Sing a song. About our home Puddle Pond, Puddle Pond.


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