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Stories for my kids

Book By: sirens song
Childrens stories

I am writing down the stories I tell my newphew and plan to tell my children

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There was once a beautiful little girl; she had white hair, skin like snow, her eyes were like crystals and as blue as the ocean. It was because of her eyes that her mother named her Crystal. Many said she looked just like her mother, they could not see anything about that was her father except for her eyes. She was the angel of her town, everyone loved her, even if they did not love her mother. Crystal was born in a world where magic was looked down, no one could control it and it was really dangerous. Crystals mother, Arietty, was a very famous witch. Crystal was taught magic in secret by her mother; she was told if she wanted everyone to love her she could never let them know she could do the things her mother taught her. But keeping this a secret was nearly impossible. Crystal had a gift, a gift many would pray to have. She had complete control over her magic, and it was strong magic. But even someone with strong magic does not always have complete control over it. Was Crystal was 12, she had spent the day at the market. When she came home, everything was gone. There was a whole where her house had been. Like someone had come and picked it up and carried it away.

Crystal was found crying and alone by a neighbor the next morning. Now Crystal was a strong girl, she didn't cry in front of anyone. She just smiled and helped around the town to earn her keep. She lived now with the black smith. His name was Hulkum, he was big and tall, the strongest man in the world he would boast. But he never would hurt even a fly. Crystal called him her butterfly in disguise. She helped him around the shop, moving water to cool down the metal, getting the tools he needed, and keeping the fire going.

She would go with him to the mountains to dig up Iron and gems to decorate more expensive things with. Crystal would sneak off into the woods saying she was exploring. She would go and practice her magic; it was the only thing she still had that was her mothers. She practiced creating things, changing this, and even flying. She loved to fly. She would wish she had endless magical energy so she could fly forever, but she only had enough to fly for a few minutes.

Many years went by with no one finding her secret, till a man came to town, saying he was looking for the witch Arietty, and the smith Hulkum. He was dressed in gold and silver, with many a gems on his belt, his horse was as black as night with not a spot of any other color to be seen, 'it has eyes of a demon' said one of the towns women, the man merely looked at her before riding further into town. When he was in the center of the town he began his story. He had a magic gem that no one could use; It could not be broken by any black smith, it could not be cut by any means. But it had magic with in it and only a few witches had been able to use the endless energy with in it, but none had lived long after attempting to make the gem part of their source. He had come to their humble and simple town looking for the great witch Arietty and the master smith Hulkum. He asked everyone if they knew where she was, and when told of her death he said 'then I must talk to master Hulkum, for his forges are rumored to be the strongest in the land', so they brought the smith before the Lord, and Crystal fallowed him to stand before the man as well. The lord looked down upon the young woman, for she was now about 16 years old. The man barked 'who is this woman, I thought you said the witch was dead'. Crystal looked at him with eyes that never moved saying a quiet voice that grabbed everyone attention 'I am her daughter, I am her child, I have her gift, I shall test your magic rock'. A silence fell over the town, then everyone started talking at once, Hulkum just stared at Crystal like she had sprouted snakes from her head. (to be continued)


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