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This story is about a boy called David. Who is very small. His parents always called him stupid, cheater but truth is that he is an intelligent and they are stupid. David’s teacher did not like David to get first position. David is the most intelligent boy in the class. But one boy jack is the son of his teacher so his teacher did not like him. But at the end everyone acknowledged that he is genius.

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David John
by Arslan Arshad


By Salman Arshad

This story is about a boy called David. Who is very small. His parents always called him stupid, cheater but truth is that he is an intelligent and they are stupid. David's teacher did not like David to get first position. David is the most intelligent boy in the class. But one boy jack is the son of his teacher so his teacher did not like him.


Unit 1 Bad parents (1)

Unit 2 David's first day at school (4)

Unit 3 First test (11)

Unit 4 Mrs. Jennifer (17)

Unit 5 David, a bright student (20)



•Mrs. John
•Mrs. Rose
•Mrs. Jennifer
Unit no 1 Bad Parents:

This is a fact about mothers and fathers that they think that their son/daughter is very intelligent. But David's parents always called him a bad, stupid, boy, but he is very intelligent.

David's father is a business man and he think he is intelligent and did not like his child.

If his child answer his question he say him he cheated. He is a liar

He has business of cars. David's mother went to play cards in the town. After both parents went to their work. David is alone in his house. David is only 1 year old. His parents did not care that their child is only 1 year old. They always busy in their work. David when alone in his house, read books he only knows counting and alphabets . So he have some books of them.

David now 2 years old. Now he learn tables of mathematics. Now you will thinking that how a 2 years old child learn tables. David like to read books now he is trying to read books. When he is alone in the house. David went to town's library and read books there. He know how to read. One day he caught reading book by his mother when she was coming from playing cards. His mother shouted how dare you came here. You don't know how to read also and you came here. Who allowed you.

Unit no 2 David's first day at school:

David is now 4 years old. David have read many child books. He is now searching for a book which grown ups read. But it is very difficult for him to read it. He went to library and search for it. When he find that book. He start to read it. He take help from dictionary to know about difficult words. Now you would feeling that a small child is struggling. He did not have any special power the only thing he is doing is struggling. One day David said to his mother he wants to go to school. His mother answer 'you will go to school a stupid who also don't know how to respect elders who also don't know how to read. Who also don't know alphabets.

David shouted ' I know these things I also know tables' ok what eight seven is Mrs. John said.

David answered back 126. David mother said ok you would know these things, Do you know what is 650+650. David's mother solved it on her paper. David answer 1300. Mrs. John shouted you stupid, you have cheated you are a liar you have seen it from my paper. David said I have not cheated I can't see from this much distance.

David's mother did not like her child to be genius. David said to his father that he wants to go to school. But he said that you can't study in school. I don't want that everyday your teacher come in my house with complain. No teacher will come with any complain. You can't pass admission test Mr. John said. David answer let see. Next morning David with his father went to school. When David was giving test David's father said his every teacher, that David is weak in study. He pass the admission test easily.

David went to school, it was his first day at school. His teacher name is Jennifer. Mrs. Jennifer said to students, hi little kids it is your first day at school. So I will ask you some questions. Did any of you know tables. Two boys raises hand. First one Jack his own son and second one David. Ok what is two seven teacher said. John said 12 and David said 14. Mrs. Jennifer said you are right David but this was an easy one. What is three eight Mrs. Jennifer said.

David said 24. You are again right David Mrs. Jennifer said. Now Mrs. Jennifer is feeling jealousy from David, because her son did not answer her questions. I think you should not be in this class because you are older than the students in class Mrs. Jennifer said. I am only four year old. Than you would know only about Mathematics not about other subjects. Do you know alphabets David. I also know how to read and write. You are such an intelligent boy.

Who teach you these things. Your father or mother. No one miss I have learnt these things myself. What is this written 'I have done my home work' who knows Mrs. Jennifer said. Four students raises hands. Jack, David, William, Broad. Jack said I ha ava dana merk. David said without hesitating all correct. William said almost correct with some mistakes. Broad said wrong. Good, David you have said correct. Your is almost correct with some mistakes William.

Now, Mrs. Jennifer's face is full red she did not like anyone else answer her question accept her child. Now it was recess, in recess Mrs. Jennifer told her child the answers of her questions, which she will ask in her next period. When her period came she asked, did any of you know subtraction. Three students raises hand, first was Bella, second was Jack, third was David. Subtract 6 from 8. Bella said 3, Jack said 2 and David said 2. Very good Jack and David.

Subtract 16 from 25 said Mrs. Jennifer. Bella said 9 and David said 9, Jack said almost 6 to 8. You are wrong Jack and both of you are right.

Her blood was boiling and she shouted, what happen to you Jack, I had told you about these in recess. You are very weak boy. It is very easy. All of you know counting. Everyone said yes miss, if you want to subtract 7 from 8. How much they have difference you will write that. What is the difference, all class said 1. So todays class is finish.

Unit 3 First test

Next day, David went to school. Bell rang, first period starts. Good morning little kids, Mrs. Jennifer said. Good morning miss, students said.

How are you, Mrs. Jennifer said, we are fine and how are you miss, students said. I am also fine, Mrs. Jennifer said, today is your weekly test of Mathematics test after break, everything you have learnt this week. You have to get good marks in this test your report of this test will go to headmistress's office. She is very strict in this matter. You have to study before recess and well prepare for it.

David and his friend Paul were preparing their test in recess. Oh! David it is very difficult, Paul said, no it is not difficult David said. Have you seen headmistress David, Paul said, no I have not seen him before, David said, I think that she is very strict and if anyone do one mistake she will give him ten sticks on his hips, Paul said. No I did not think this I think she would be a nice and kind lady, David said. Teachers cannot be kind and she is Headmistress I know if anyone do two mistakes, she will give him twenty sticks on his hips.


David see that girl, Paul said. Whom, David said. She is very beautiful, lavender. Do you know her personally, yeah I think I had love with her. Really, David said, yeah, Paul said. Can we focus on our work please? Ok, Paul said. Do you know what twice 10 is, Paul said. Yes, David said 100 . You are great David, Paul said. Now the recess was finished. They went to their next class, good morning little kids, Headmistress said. Good morning miss, students said. My name is Rose.


Your test reports will come to me and if you do one mistake, I will give you five sticks on your hips. Students were afraid during the test. The first question was, write table of 2. Second was write counting 1 to 100. David answered all questions and got full marks in the test. When Mrs. Rose came in the class, she said, who is David, David said, me, you have got highest marks in the class and who is jack you have got lowest marks in the class . Out of 20, you have got only 8 marks. You will get 60 sticks on your back. When he got he start crying. Mrs. Jennifer


become red. Who is David, said by headmistress, you have got full marks. Who is Paul you have also got full marks. Excellent both of you, Mrs. Jennifer said. Rest of the class got sticks on their hips. Jack was crying still now also, because he had got sixty sticks. Mrs. Jennifer shouted, Jack you have done my insult. All class students got more than15 marks. You should study. David, very good and Paul, excellent, you worked very hard. Mrs. Jennifer did not like them to get full marks. Because her own child did not got good marks.


When David went home, his mother said. Today was your test David. Yes, mama. I know you would got zero in your test because you are not a bright student. No, I have got highest marks in the class I have got 20 out of 20, David shouted. What proof, David's mother said. See this paper. Oh! you have got full marks, I know you had cheated. I can't cheat. I am a bright student. Because you are my son. I had told you about this. No mom, you have not told me anything.


Unit 4 Mrs. Jennifer

When David went to school. The bell rang. First period started. Good morning little kids, Mrs. Jennifer said. Good morning miss, students said. Now, I will told you a new thing, division did any of you know about it. David said I had heard about it before. But I could not understand it.

3 multiply by 2= 6 than 6 divide by 3= 2 so you all understand, Mrs. Jennifer said. Yes, miss. Bell rang of recess. And they went out of class. David was with her best friend, Paul. A boy came and said, oh! How are you small kids. Who is your class teacher? Paul replied, Mrs. Jennifer. She is not a good teacher.


No, she is very good teacher, Paul said. She did not like anyone to got good marks than her child. Her child is in my class. She is with me from nursery. Whenever anyone got good marks than her. Her face become red don't you notice, I have notice, whenever I answer her question like about multiplication. Her face become red. You are telling a lie you cannot do substraction how you do multiplication.


I can do, David said. Paul also said he can do. Ok answer my question, 3 multiply by 2. 6, David said. You are good and bright student. Can you tell us more about Mrs. Jennifer. Yes she always teaching her child in recess and tell him the answer of the questions she will ask in her next period. She is very worse teacher, Paul said.


Unit 5 David, a bright student:

Now exams was near, students were doing revision. After a few days exams were started and David without any fear attempted exams. He solved all questions in mathematics the most easiest subject for him like that he attempted all the papers brilliantly. On the day of result, David got the prize of most brilliant student of the year. His mother said, today I admit that you are the bright student. His father said I always said you a stupid, but today I say, you are brilliant student. I am proud of you.



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