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The Giraffes adventure to London

Book By: Thomas709
Childrens stories

A giraffe went on a adventure to London with one of his many friends(Pelican Penny).

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In the middle of a dessert in Africa a Giraffe lived, a nice and friendly Giraffe his name was Peter. Peter was an adventures giraffe and had met many other creatures and this is a story of peter's trip to London.

On a day during summer a giraffe had a thought it was, what is London like? This was peter the giraffe and he needed to know, so he called Penney the pelican; "Penny I need you" He repeated that many times until she came, "what's up" she replied.

He then said "would you like to come on a trip to London?"

She then responded "yes I will love to come with you"

"Ok we will leave tomorrow" Peter announced so they walked away to pack their bags, peter packed a toothbrush, toothpaste, a flannel, a nice teddy, a photo of his friends and his favourite book.

They met in peter's massive house. They then south the Penney flew high on lookout for the sea while the giraffe looked out for people in a more sly way the journey to the sea took around twenty minutes. But then they had to make a boat they found some sticks and branches and put them all together, the bird was good at this as she had to make her own birds' nests.

When they finished building the boat, Peter had to get on row all the way London. By the end he was worn out but the bird was not. They then walked to London it was a long journey but it sped up when they got on a train everyone panicked but they soon calmed everybody down and then they got after 20mintutes and saw Big Ben and the Penney flew and Peter galloped over. It was an amazing sight Peter asked Penny to go up and take a photo with his camera, so she did.

When she came down they went on with their trip. They then saw a Buckingham palace both of them gasped at the brilliant sight! Peter yelped that's where the queen of England lives to the pelican. It was their lucky day as they didn't only see Buckingham palace they saw the Queen their self's. As same as last time the pelican flew above Buckingham palace and took some magnificent photos of the grounds and once again she flew down.

Soon after Penny and peter stopped to look for a snug place to stay for the night, then they saw a big tree, with nice green leaves for the giraffes and thick branches for the Pelican so they went their both of them stayed for the night.

The following morning, of they went again their next stop was the London eye when Peter got there he looked around trying to find Penny the pelican she was no were in sight but then she flew around a chimney and flew down to Peters side, there was a gasp from Peter as he thought he might of lost him.

He then said slowly "can you go up and take you best photo yet of the London eye then come down and wait with me to get on!"

She then replied already going "ok" so up up and up she went. She soon came down and peter was already near the front of the queue so she flew beside him and stopping when he stops. Finally they got to the front and was climbing up the stair and was getting in a rather glass egg shaped bowl and then the door closed and they were going up!

The view was just brilliant and they took many photos. But it soon ends and they had to get off and carry on with their trip. There next stop was 10 Downing Street were the Prime Minister lives, they weren't as lucky as they were at Buckingham Palace but was still an experience though. They saw many policemen guarding the door and the massive black gate.

After that they stated to head home to tell all of their friends of Peter trip to London.

So off they went back on the underground and on a double-decker bus the sea and then they found the hidden boat. Like last time they both got out the boat and the giraffe took all four oars and started to row home. When they did it was night so they went back to Peters huddle and both of them fell straight asleep.

The next day Peter woke up first started to unpack his own bag. Soon after Penny woke up and was all exited to tell everybody about their trip and got up and ran over to Peter the both of them went over to the water hole.

They finally got their and everybody looked at them waiting for them to start talking about their trip so they did the talked about where they went and even the underground.


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