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Room 8 Summary

Room 8 is a story about the toys of classroom 8 at Parker Dale Elementary school. They come to life whenever the humans aren't around. On one of many days the toys were very unhappy and complained about the children not playing with them, and not being able to make Andy happy. Then one day their complaints reached the ears of The One who cares and on that day The One Who Cares, granted the toys a wish that would help to get the children to play with them. The One Who Cares said there is only one wish I will not grant you, you cannot wish the children to play with you it must be by the children's free will to play with you. It is a story that teaches children the importance of Love, Friendships, and Promises, while helping a child to deal with the lost of a Parent.

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OLE Fin is standing guard at the door in room eight. For you see, it had been his job to ensure that the humans would not catch him and the rest of the toys alive. It made no difference that OLE Fin did not know for how long they had been coming to life, but he was certain it had been happening for a very long time.

"Everybody get back in the toy box Ms Ginger is outside."

OLE Fin made his way back to the play area and waited for the other toys to get into the toy box. , he was always the last to get in. Ole fin was happy for two reasons today, for not only would he get to see Miss Ginger but he knew Baby Anna would be coming today as well.

Ms Ginger, the Principal of Parker Dale Elementary School, pauses outside of room eight and removes a nameplate from under her arm and slides it into the holder. After a short hesitation, she opens the door and immediately starts inspecting room eight. She was going to miss her old friend Mrs. Rose.

Principal Ginger walks to the play area after inspecting the desks. She opens the toy box and starts admiring her old toys one by one. As she touches each one she felt the same sensation she had felt when her mother had given the toys to her, she had donated the toys too Mrs. Rose's class. Up from her heart a smile fills her face from ear to ear as she remembers the stories her mother told her about the toys, they had been passed down through the family, with colorful stories of the toys coming to life.

Principal Ginger was remembering the time she saw the toys alive. She was very ill at the time and told her mother she saw the toys talking to each other, and her mother convinced her that she imagined seeing them because she had a high fever at that time.

"Hello OLE Fin how are you doing today, these past years have been hard on you." She gave OLE Fin, her old stuffed dolphin, a hug and sat him down near the toy box.

She picked up a stuffed bear dressed like a cowboy complete with holsters and spurs. Principal Ginger

Presses a tiny button hidden by his pants.

"Howdy", blurts out of a little speaker.

"Tex you can still say hello to me after all these years," she laid him down next to OLE Fin.

Then she picks up a stuffed bumble bee, "Hello Mr. Honey have you seen Baby Anna?"

The one toy she loved most was not in the toy box.

"OLE Fin I told you and Tex to take care of Baby Anna." She places the toys back into the toy box and proceeds to leave the classroom, wondering where Baby Anna could be.

Although Principal Ginger felt she made the right choice by hiring Miss Nash, she felt strange leaving her treasured toys with a stranger. Even though Miss Nash was the best out of all the other applicants , Principal Ginger's toys were personal.

Principal Ginger was very unhappy about not finding Baby Anna, Baby Anna was her first baby doll and her first best friend. She thought back to the days she spent with Baby Anna and smiled.

"I hope the maintenance people did not throw her out, she was not looking her best the last time I saw her." Principal Ginger turns the lights off and starts walking down the hallway.

As soon as the lights went out, the toys sprung to life.

"What are we going to do," OLE Fin asks as he flips out of the toy box? "Oh dear Miss Ginger is very unhappy about Baby Anna," Mr. Honey says. Tex says, "Howdy", as he dropped down from the toy box.

"We have to think of something to do about Baby Anna's disappearance." "It's been a long time since Miss Ginger has been unhappy, we were so concerned with our own happiness that we did not think about hers. You know she really loves Baby Anna," Mr. Honey says as he flutters over Ole Fin's head. All the toys were unhappy and starts wishing they had not complained so much about not being played with.


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