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Lucy and her little brother James are excited for Pumpkin Pie after a long day of Thanksgiving.

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Pumpkin Pie

Lucy woke up and streched. She jumped out of bed and ran across the hall to her little brothers room.

"Pstt... are you awake?" She whispered.

"Mwashshash" Mumbled James.

"James! James!! James!!!" Yelled Lucy.

"I'm up! I'm up!" James said.

"Guess what today is james? Guess! Guess!" Lucy jumped up and down in excitment.

"Ummmm Valintines Day?" Guessed James.

"Nope!" Lucy shook her head and smiled.

"Saint Patricks Day?" James suggested.

"Nope!! Its Thanksgiving!! Turkey Day!! The day we vist Grandma and Grandpa!" Lucy was running in circles and hopping all around James room.

Lucy pulled James off his bed and rushed him into the kitchen.

They stopped and gasped.

In front of them was the most amazing pumpkin pie the two of them had ever seen.

It had a golden brown crust and a small dollop of whipcream in the very middle.

"Wow" Gasped Lucy and James together.

"Its amazing" Lucy whispered.

"B-e-autiful" James Gasped.

"Should we?" Asked Lucy.

"Maybe just a teeny tiny bite" Said James stepping closer.

Lucy and James waddled closer to the pie. They stuck there fingers out to take a teeny tiny bit, and.....

"Ah ah ah!" Lucy and James parents entered the room. Her mom snatched the pie off the counter and held it over both there heads.

"Dinner first! At least wait for your Grandparents to get here!" She chided

Lucy sighed and looked at James. He shrugged and looked at there father, who was bringing in a huge turkey.

After the turkey was cooked and carved, Lucys grandparents arrived. As everyone filed into the living room, Lucy and James snuck into the kitchen.

Lucy stood on a chair and grabbed the pie off the fridge. She set it on the table carfully and put the chair back.

James and Lucy promised to only take teeny tiny bites as they stuck their fingers out.

"What are you doing children?" Asked their grandmother as she walked in.

Sighing Lucy and James slowly walked away from the pie and started to set the table.

After a delicous meal of turkey, mashed potato's and greenbeans. Lucys mother annoced that it was finnaly time for...... Pie!

Lucy and James each had large slice of Pumpkin Pie and delicous Ice cream. After desert they said goodbye to their grandparents and got ready for bed.

Back in their room Lucy and James settled into bed.

"That was some delicous pie, wasn't it Lucy" Said James sleepily.

"I can't wait for next Thanksgiving!" Whispered Lucy

Then they both fell asleep dreaming about turkeys, mashed potato's, teeny tiny bites and most of all.....delicous PUMPKIN PIE!


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