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Charlie the Caterpiller

Essay By: LoveTemptation92
Childrens stories

This was a short story that I wrote. My English teacher gave me an assessment to write a myth. A short deadline and a all-nighter brought about this short story that many people commented, "this would be a great children's book". I'd like more input on that comment! ENJOY!

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In the city of Utopia, lived a caterpillar named Charlie. Utopia was a place of beauty; everything there had a certain glow to it, besides Charlie. He was just a simply plain, fat, green caterpillar. He really didn't have any friends because everyone else thought he was ugly. Charlie always wished he was as beautiful as all the other animals. Lauren, the lady bug, was bright red with tiny black dots and could fly higher than the clouds. Zach the Zebra had a magnificent pattern of black and white strips and could run faster than the wind. Charlie even thought the flowers and trees were prettier then he was. All he wanted was to be something so beautiful, everyone would have to love him.

One morning while Charlie was taking his daily walk in the park, he overheard a few of the other animals talking about him. "Charlie just doesn't belong here. Don't you agree?" said Lauren. "TOTALLY AGREE!" yelled Zach, "He isn't as pretty as the rest of…well everything here in Utopia." After hearing what the others had said about him, he realized that he had to do sometime about it. So Charlie decided that he had to leave and find some place, anywhere he belongs. Charlie didn't even bother to pack his bags or take anything with him, and began his journey.
Charlie walked and walked for days, but couldn't seem to find a place he belonged. Everywhere he went was surrounded by beautiful things. The grass of Takamine was the greenest grass Charlie has ever seen, too green. Deohgee was covered with enormous fields of white roses that swayed in the gentle breeze. Everywhere Charlie went beauty seemed to explode out of every corner. He felt that there was nowhere he belonged, nowhere he would feel handsome. But he wasn't going to give up just yet.
Back in Utopia Zach started to wonder where Charlie had disappeared to. He hadn't seen him in over a month and began to worry. "Do you think it is our fault he is gone?" asked Zach. "Why do you care, that ugly thing has finally vanished!" Lauren said. "True." Zach replied. Even though Zach agreed, he still felt responsible for Charlie's departure. Lauren was happier than ever that Charlie was no longer part of Utopia.
Charlie came across a city so disturbing that he believed it to be perfect for him. Toograh had skies of dirt grey, with clouds that looked like giant black trash bags full of garbage. There was not a flower in sight, unless you count weeds as flowers. "Who are you?" whispered someone from behind Charlie. "Why are you here?" the voice questioned. Charlie felt scared to answer the unfamiliar voice. "You don't belong here!" Sadness flushed over Charlie, was he too ugly to even belong in such a place like Toograh.
Charlie slowed turned to see who was asking such heartbreaking questions. It was an opossum; he had sharp jagged teeth and a long wire looking tail. Charlie has never seen something so repulsive. "I am Charlie from Utopia; I have come to live here because I am too ugly for Utopia." Charlie responded skittishly. "You have to be pulling my tail!" giggled the opossum. "My name is Oscar; I am the wizard of this wonderful city, Toograh. Welcome." They began to walk back to Oscar's house and talked about Charlie's journeys that lead him there.
"Why did you say I don't belong here?" Charlie asked with a puzzled expression across his face. Oscar giggled, "You are too beautiful for Toograh. Animals will start to talk." "But that's exactly what I was looking for, to be something so beautiful, everyone has to love me!" answered Charlie. "You belong in Utopia Charlie." said Oscar. "But no one there…" Charlie began to say. "Follow me, I can fix everything!" interrupted Oscar. Without a word, Charlie followed, still puzzled.
"Drink this and when you wake up, you will be the most beautiful thing alive." Oscar said as he passed Charlie a tall glass of some purple liquid. Charlie didn't hesitate and drank the whole glass in one go. Being the most beautiful thing alive sounded great to him. After Charlie finished the glass of the gross purple juice, Oscar began to giggle. "What is so funny?" Charlie asked. "You will be asleep for three months, I forgot to warn you." Oscar said with a smirk on his face. "That's not that bad I…" Charlie stopped talking and looked at his hands. Some kind of silky cloth started to form all over his body. "What is happening!?" Charlie yelled. "Oh I guess I forgot to tell you that part too." Oscar said still smirking.
Before Charlie had the chance to ask more questions about what was going on, he was in a deep sleep. Oscar watched over him during the three months to make sure everything was working correctly. One morning just as the sun was rising; Charlie awoke but didn't feel any different. He broke out of the silk cloth as fast as he could, he was so anxious to know what had happen. As Charlie stepped out of the cloth, Oscar was walking in the front door and his jaw dropped in astonishment.
"It worked!" Oscar shouted. Charlie then realized that he had become a something no animal has ever seen in real life. Something made up only in fairy tales, he was a butterfly. He had wings that were a marvelous mixture of black and yellow. When he fluttered them he began to sore higher than he could ever imagine. The wind that blew past his face felt like a dream come true. Charlie was the most beautiful thing alive. Charlie said thank you and good-bye promising to always come and visit Oscar. He then began his journey back to Utopia.
Once Charlie arrived in Utopia, everyone was amazed at his beauty. They couldn't believe their eyes and had so many questions to ask him. Except for Lauren, she was jealous of his beauty. She ended up leaving Utopia in search for this "Oscar". Zach and Charlie became the best of friends despite what had happen before. Charlie became the most loved, most popular bug in all of Utopia. Everything was just as he had hoped for all his life.


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