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Wings - Chapter One

Novel By: annemarie
Childrens stories

Dana is a caterpillar who is sick and tired of watching his friends become butterflies while he himself can't seem to grow up and become a butterfly himself.

This is the first chapter of the rough draft of this novel. I am still working on it.

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Wings 1

Dana was a caterpillar. At first glance you really wouldn't see anything at all interesting or unusual about him that would set him apart from any other caterpillar in any way. He was just another run of the mill caterpillar who would one day blossom into the magnificent creature that we know as a Butterfly. However, if you were to look closely at Dana, you would see that there were two peculiar things that made him different than any of the other young caterpillars that grazed about in the nursery.2

Firstly, Dana was big - for a caterpillar. He wasn't just a little bit bigger than the other caterpillars; he was positively gigantic. It wasn't as if he were just longer or
fatter than the others. He looked exactly the same - only much, much bigger. Compared to Dana, the others in the nursery looked like common grubs. 3

In fact, Several of the others could have easily ridden around on his back, practically without him even noticing that they were there, but, even though they begged and begged him, Dana would never have let them. It was bad enough that he was that much larger than they were but did they really have to call attention to the fact by turning him into some sort of amusement park ride?4

Secondly, Dana was old; way too old to still be a caterpillar. He really didn't like the idea that at his age, when all of his friends had already changed into butterflies, here he was still stuck in the nursery with a bunch of babies. As Dana chewed on a small leaf fragment, he looked up at the sky and sighed, wishing that he could fly around the sky with them. He watched as a butterfly landed on a flower, sucking up it's juicy nectar with its feet. That's how butterflies eat, they suck up their nutrients from hollow tubes in their feet.5

As Dana, sat there watching the butterflies flitting about in the sky, he couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy, munching away on a leaf - with his mouth. There had been a major drought. Food was scarce these days and had been for a while. Getting enough to eat was a struggle for Dana and because he was so much bigger than the others, he often went hungry because the others could get into places that he couldn't because of his size and he didn't want any of the others to go hungry because of him.6

You see, most caterpillars are only caterpillars for a short time before they start to feel the change coming on. Thats when they build cocoons for themselves and don't come out until they have made the transformation. Dana has asked one of his friends once what it felt like. 7

How did he know for sure that his body was going through changes? Sadly though, his friend didn't really have a good answer for him.8

"It's hard to explain," His friend had said to Dana after a moment of thinking it over. "It's an odd feeling. You can just tell when you are changing because your insides feel different somehow. Don't worry." He had reassured Dana. "Your time will come. Just be patient."9

"Be patient?" Dana grumbled to himself. That was easy for him, and everyone else, to say but its hard to just sit back and wait for the day that your insides start to feel different especially when you don't know exactly what it is that your are supposed to be waiting for. Here Dana was, going on four months old and there was no sign that he would EVER be anything but a common run of the mill caterpillar. It made him feel like such a little kid even though he was practically an adult - or he would be if he was a butterfly. Why did he have to be so different from everyone else? Why couldn't he just be normal?10


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