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Alice in Wonderland Fan Fiction: The Cheshire Cat

Novel By: Barry Boodles
Childrens stories

This is fan fiction of ALICE IN WONDERLAND called THE CHESHIRE CAT (is that spelt right? Oh well, you all know who I'm talking about, the creepy cat that always smiles...) and it is the story of Alice from the cat's point of view.

NOTE TO ALL ALICE IN WONDERLAND FANS - I do not know the story well so I may mess up some of my facts! Sorry, but remember that I WILL MESS UP SOME FACTS!!!!!! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 30, 2010    Reads: 394    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   




The cat was on the branch, gazing at the forest floor below. He smiled (every one of his shining white teeth glittering in the sunlight) but you could never tell he was focusing...focusing for the arrival of the girl he had waited for so long...

There! Walking down the dirt walkway was a girl, no older than eight years old. Slowly, he glided from the branch.

"Hello," the cat whispered. The girl jumped and turned to face him. "Now, tell me...what is a girl like yourself wondering around, alone, in Wonderland?"

"Well, you see, I fell down a rabbit hole and landed up in all sorts of places, and now I'm here."

"Oh, I see," said the cat. "And, tell me, what is your name?"

"My name?" the girl asked. "My name is Alice."

It has to be the one I've been waiting for, the cat thought frantically. "Where are you going."

"I'm just following this path," she said.

"Well, you best be on your way. See you around...Alice."

As Alice followed the walkway, the cat was gliding out of the forest and over to a dismal shack. He knocked on the door with his purple ringed tail.

"Open up!" he called. "I have news of Alice."

The door swung open immediatly and Dot walked out.

(Note to reader: Dot is a new character and (to my intelligence) there is not a Dot in the original books by Lewis Carroll).

"Dot, she has arrived," the cat said.

"Alice?" she asked in a high voice. "Are you sure?"

"I am quite."

Dot was wearing her usual checkered dress and black shoes. She had her hair held in a tight bun and her glasses were pushed so tightly on her face that there were rings around her eyes.

"Well, if you are sure it is her, we must begin at once."

"My thoughts exactly. Dot, you go over to the court of the Red Queen. I'll take a trip to see the Hatter. You know what to do."

And with that the cat glided back into the woods, going to the spot where Alice was having tea right at that moment.


The cat arrived at the party. Everything was the same, their un-birthday parties and their teacups, but something was wrong. The trio was now four. The cat made a double take and there, sitting in a plush chair, was Alice.


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