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Amy and Shana are orphans. They live with the Nooks, the Nooks are very mean. There dad is at work a lot or over seas. There mom is very mean to them. Come join Amy and Shana on their adventures! Amy and Shana both like horses! Amy and Shana have to stay together as friends forever!

NOTE: The picture for the story is not Amy and Shana. It is just representing that they need to stick together. View table of contents...


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I was brushing my teeth when there was a knock on the bedroom door. I payed no attention it, who cares, they are just my adoptive parents. My parents died when I was a baby. I lived with foster parents for twelve years. When I was twelve I was adopted. I have lived here for one year. I am 13 years old now. Shana was in bed hugging Montra her doll tightly. Shana is twelve years old she has lived here for two months now. The only reason they adopted us was because they wanted us to work for them! They are very mean! I finished brushing my teeth and shivered into by night clothes. There were two closets in the room big enough to fit a one person bed and nightstand. Shana was now looking at the book on her nightstand. Montra was tucked under the blankets. We each had one book. Are parents said they would provide, but anything we want we buy. They had hired a maid but still want us. I am going to find a summer job and work for my money. Shana says she will be okay with are monthly allowance of one dollar. I slipped into my bed and turned out the lights, and pulled the black curtain across the doorway into the closet. Shana picked up the book and began to read. I went right to sleep. Knowing tomorrow I would find a job. I had $12.30 cents. I had gotten thirty cents at my foster home. Are mom came in without knocking and looked around. All the lights were off besides Shana's light. "Shana! Lights out!" mom yelled. Shana opened her mouth to speak. But seeing the look on mom's face, closed her mouth and turned out the light. Shana snuggled down in her bed and went to sleep. I slept soundly without a noise. Because I couldn't wait for tomorrow. Mom had said we needed to stay out of the house tomorrow.

* * *


In the morning I woke up early and looked around for my clothes on the bed. No clothes! I got out of bed and turned on my light. I made the bed then turned the light out and went out of my closet. I walked over to my dresser. On top was a note that said:

Dear Amy,

I have sent you some clothes. Make sure Shana gets some too!

Gran and Gramp

I had always called my foster parents Gran and Gramp. I just liked to. I almost yelled with delight, but stopped myself somehow. Beside the note was a huge box! The clothes! Goodie no more Amish dresses! I opened up the box and pulled out jeans and a blue t-shirt plus blue flip-flops. I ran into the bathroom and take a quick shower. I put my brown hair in a ponytail and curl the end of it. Then I get dressed. I sort all the clothes into my dresser and Shana's dresser. Shana sleeps in alot. She was doing it again today. At the bottom of the box was two books one was for Shana it was called When The Time Comes, and mine was called The Mermaid. I sat down in the old rocking chair and started reading.

At 8am sharp, I slammed the book shut and set it on my dresser. I ran downstairs and out the door with my purse and money. I walked through the woods to Tumbleweed Stables. I stopped and looked at all the students running around. Then I went into the stables office and sat down in a chair "I would like to work here from 9am to 1pm." I said.

"Sure but what will you do?" the stable owner asked.

"I can clean stalls and feed and water the horses and clean tack and that stuff you know what I mean." I answered

"Ok I will pay you $5 every day after work." he answered. He handed me mud boots.

I put them on and ran out of the office and to the feed room. I fed all the horses then watered them. The tack needed cleaning, so I cleaned some bridles and saddles.

Then I took a broom and swept the stables. Then I took a small break and ate a granola bar. Then I mucked out the stalls. Then I filled the water trough in the pasture and went into the office. "All done." I announced proudly. The stable owner gave me $5. I ran home to tell Shana the good news. Shana was very happy. I gave Shana two dollars and told her she could come tomorrow and help too! Then after dinner she went to sleep very happy.


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