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The Frog and The Hog

Novel By: BookGirlEmma
Childrens stories

I am writing this story with my dad.

I thank that it is funny and kids will love it! View table of contents...



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Frog, Hog,

and Friends

Once upon a time in a land far far away. There lived a small frog and a big hog. Together they were happy and joyful, oh best friends they were indeed! The frog liked to jump in the pond, the hog agreed with the frog jumping in the water was fun. The hog liked to roll, and jump in mud, the frog agreed with the hog rolling and jumping in mud was fun. The frog ate bugs and the hog found them tasty too. The hog ate hog food and the frog found it tasty too.

Their friend squirrel ate nuts and liked to run up trees but the frog and hog found the nuts to hard to eat, and running up trees was not their way of fun. The frog and the hog slept together in the barn. Their friend bird ate worms they found this disgusting. The bird slept in a nest, the frog and the hog found it hard to get up trees. Their friend horse slept in the barn, sometimes they slept with horse. The horse ate grain and hay, they found the grain very good but the straw poked their mouths they did not like it at all. Their friend cow mooed they tried to moo to but they could not. Finally they gave up the other animals where glad because the frog and the hog stayed up 2 nights in a row trying to moo. The hog went oink.. oink the frog said oink.. oink too. The frog went croak..croak.. or sometimes ribbit..ribbit the hog could go croak...croak but not ribbit...ribbit.

Horse said one day to hog and frog that they should just be themselves. Horse told frog that frogs do not roll and jump in mud, nor do they eat hog food and grain and they do not say oink.. oink but they do say croak..croak and ribbit..ribbit. Horse said to hog that hogs should not and do not jump in the water, nor do they eat bugs or grain and that hogs say oink.. oink not croak..croak.

Frog and hog both thought about it they both thought the same thing were the other animals trying to get them to not be friends or were they thinking that hogs should not do what other animals do and frogs should not do what other animals do? or just maybe, just maybe, was horse getting tired of all this acting like other animals stuff or was he thinking that a frog and a hog are much much different so they should not be friends? It was all a big question to the frog and the hog what should they do? should they tell horse that they can be friends and do what ever they please to do? or not?

The very next day, horse was at a neighboring farm training for a jumping competition when she fell and hurt her leg. News got to the Frog and the Hog that horse was in trouble and needed help. At once they waddled and hopped to the neighbors farm to find Horse was laying in the mud with an injured leg. Frog and Hog lept into the mud bravely to help horse. This time Horse didn't think anything of the Frog jumping in mud, and was glad he came to help. They yanked and tugged and pulled Horse to safety. Frog began croaking for help, but it just wasn't loud enough. The Hog then chimmed in, croaking loudly so the farmhands could hear. This time the Horse dind't think anything of the Hog croaking, and was glad Hog could croak so thunderously.

When horse was back at the home farm healing

all the other animals asked her what happpened and how did she get out, horse told them that she fell in the mud while she was jumping and got stuck. soon frog and hog came they both jumped into the mud and yanked and tugged at me to get me out of the mud, when i was out frog croaked but was not loud enough so hog began croaking so loud the farmer heard him he ran out to help me. The very next day horse was awakened by vistors which where frog and hog. horse said what are you doing here, frog and hog said we brought you some grass from the pasture because your not aloud in the pasture because your hurt, horse said come in frog and hog looked at each other that was not like horse at all. Horse asked frog and hog to tell her the news from around here they told horse that everybody was sad you got hurt and your horse friends starlight and silver miss you very much. Horse asked them how they found out she was hurt they told her she did not come back at the time she usally did so they went and found her horse said thank you to them. They put the grass in horse's feed trough after horse ate all the grass she asked them how they found out if she liked dark juciy patches of grass or light sweet patches of grass they told her theyed asked starlight and silver, horse said ahh they looked at each other again that was not like horse at all.

The very next day Horse was in the pasture with Starlight. Starlight didn't have a halter on but horse did because it would be easier to catch her and bring a lead rope to lead her. While horse was in the pasture Frog and Hog talked to silver who was in his stall because he got a scratch on him somewhere and the vet said he had to stay in his stall for the rest of the day. They asked silver what Horse liked to eat, what was her favorite thing to do. Silver said that when it was snowing she like to eat snow frog and hog said ok. Next Silver told them she loved to uncover grass from the snow and eat it (its ok if it has a little snow on it) said Silver. Frog and hog said ok.

Then Silver told them she liked fresh water from the pond or lake. Frog and Hog said, "ok, anything else?" Silver said horse is coming back in. Horse told me she had a test for you guys. Frog and hog said ok, and went to see horse. Horse said hi frog and hog told her they had been collecting grass and storing it then giving it to horse each day. Horse said thank you. After horse had finshed the grass she asked frog and hog if they could carry a bucket with some water in it. Frog and hog hesitated for a moment and then said "maybe." Horse said can you go get me some water from the pond duck can help you. frog and hog said yes. When they came back Horse said thank you then she asked them how duck was doing. frog and hog said duck is doing just fine. "good" said horse. Horse asked frog and hog if she had any scratches on her when Farmer Joe found her. frog and hog answered just a couple but there healed now. horse said good. Next horse asked frog and hog how there familes where doing. frog and hog said good Horse said its getting late better get home for some sleep she closed her eyes. frog and hog said goodnight and goodbye. Horse said goodnight don't let the bed bugs bite!


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