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Unicorns Of Balonor*Book 1* The Finding

Novel By: BookGirlEmma
Childrens stories

Parental Guidance is suggested for children younger the 8.
This is inspired by the book Unicorns Of Balionor. The picture is a picture of that book have fun with my book!
It is my unicorns of balonor! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 12, 2011    Reads: 16    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

"Hey, Katie should we go in?" Stacy asks looking in the cave.

"Sure, but it looks rather short and there is a opening on the other side too!" Katie answers. She turns on her flashlight and pulls her hair into a ponytail.

"Ok, lets go out the other side!" Stacy says. The girls are best friends. Katie tightens her shoe laces and pulls her jeans up. Stacy adjusts the backpack on her back. Both girls go in and they start walking. Katie and Stacy shine their flashlights in every direction. Chirp, Squeak! "Ahhh!" both girls scream. Katie shines her flashlight around while Stacy still screams. Katie shines her flashlight on a family of raccoons returning home to a hole in the cave wall. "Would you be quiet now?! It is just raccoons!" Katie yells to be heard above the screaming. "Oh, sorry." Stacy says and her cheeks flush red with embarrassment. They take a drink of water and keep going. Stacy stops and ties her dark blonde hair into a ponytail. After walking for a while they hear another noise. Drip! Drip! Splash! "Ahhhhh!" both girls scream again. Katie stops and shines her flashlight and so does Stacy. It is just a stream and a fish jumping out of the water. "Oh, cool!" Stacy exclaims and gets out her camera so does Katie. They both take pictures and start walking again. Crunch, Crunch goes the rocks under their feet.

Soon they walk through the clearing.

Everything goes black for a second.....

Then they arrive.. to the place the cave took them... "We... We.. must be in, a-a different land." Katie says.

"Yah! A different land!" Stacy answers. They start walking. Soon they hear a horse galloping! "Come on, come on Forest!" a girls voice yells. All the sudden a girl on a green unicorn with a black horn comes through the bushes. "Hi! My name is Amy, we have been expecting you!" Amy says

"We?" Katie says, 'cause Stacy is to stunned to speak.

"Oh sorry! The whole town of Balonor!" Amy says.

"Oh!" Katie answers.

"Come on follow me!" Amy says. Katie and Stacy climb aborad the unicorn. Forest starts walking and Amy talking. "You guys are both fourteen?" Amy asks

"Yah, but Stacy just turned fourteen recently and I am fourteen in a half." Katie says

"Ok then get ready for some shocking news!" Amy says

"Ok then!" Katie and Stacy say.

"All right, here it is!" Amy says "You guys really live here, you just went into the other world when you where born. Now you came back when your where both fourteen and you will come back and live here forever when you are fifteen!" Amy finishes

"No way!" Katie exclaims

"Yes it is true, Katie I am your sister and as for Stacy she is our neighbor and will be our best friend!" Amy says

"What is my true last name then?" Stacy asks

"Mozart and Katie's is Motway." Amy answers

"Cool!" both girls exclaim

"We live in the section of town where last names start with M." Amy said. But neither of the girls could answer they were to busy taking in the sights of the new town, Balonor.


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