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The Adventures of Sara and Phineas

Novel By: CharlesLeeMcCabe
Childrens stories

This is an ongoing story documenting the adventures of Sara and Phineas. Along the way, they meet new friends, overcome problems, and have great fun! View table of contents...


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Chapter I. The Meeting

Sara and Phineas had been friends from the first time that they met each other. From what Phineas could remember, he had been in the prairie for quite a while before Sara arrived. He would often think back to how he came to be on the prairie, as well as just how different it was from the bright place. When he lived in the bright place, he was surrounded by many different animals, as well as a few that looked much like he did. Every now and then, a strange sound could be heard and a mysterious device would dip down out of the light, afterward there would be one less creature around him. Some of the other creatures were afraid of the device and of the fact that their friends were disappearing, but somehow Phineas knew that this was the way that things were meant to be, and he was eager to go with the device and see what was beyond the light.
One day, the sounds started again waking Phineas up. He heard the other creatures gasp as they always did when one of their number was being taken. He had just enough time to wonder who the lucky animal was this time when he realized that he was floating. This caused him to open both eyes wide, giving him a sight that he had never even imagined! The land that he lived in was much smaller than they had ever guessed. Being so close to one another, none of the creatures had been able to do much exploring, so they all assumed that the entire world was filled with creatures. Knowing what he now knew, he wished he had made the effort to explore when he had the chance. Too late now, he thought to himself.
What happened next was even more shocking to Phineas than floating had been, even though he didn't think that was possible until it happened. The device dropped him into a dark hole in the ground. He had just enough time to start to become afraid when another large thing, different from the device, yet still alien to him, came through what had looked like a wall and grabbed him. At this point Phineas did become afraid, as the other creatures in the bright place were afraid. That lasted until he gathered the nerve to look around. This did not take a long time, for Phineas was a brave tiger, and he would never remain afraid for long.
When he looked up, he finally realized that the world was much larger than any of them had ever realized, for he was in what appeared to be a paw of a giant creature that was walking on its hind legs. Phineas had never heard of such a creature, and would not have believed that one could exist, except for the fact that the truth of the matter literally had a grip on him. Phineas believed that no matter how large the world actually was, there was no way that it could support more than one or two of these giant creatures; however, this thought was no sooner formed than he noticed that there were more of these creatures around than he could count.
After this series of thoughts registered, he realized that the being that had him had stopped moving and was looking directly at Phineas. Realizing this, Phineas looked at the being as well, for even though he was a brave tiger, that was no excuse to be rude. It was at this time that Phineas realized that the expression on the beings face may have been a smile, even though it was hard to tell without any fur or markings. When he realized this, Phineas instantly relaxed and decided to enjoy whatever path life had in store for him.
He soon found out that he was not to stay with the being that had rescued him from the hole (as he now came to think of it) but he was to stay with another being that even though was smaller than the first one, was still much larger than Phineas himself. This being had longer fur, the few places where there was fur at all. Phineas found himself wondering from time to time if the beings ever got cold without any real fur. There was no way to find out, so he decided that they must manage somehow, or else they would not have grown to such unbelievable heights in the first place.
It was with the long furred being that he first came to know the prairie. The prairie was a strange place in that it was completely open and had had plenty of space for Phineas to wonder around in. He imagined that this must be what the bright place would have been like if there had not been so many other animals. However, instead of light coming from everywhere like it did before, now it only came from one spot up high in the sky. At times the light would go out, and he would have to rely on his night vision to see to explore the prairie. This was all right, because he was a brave tiger that would explore his new world as much as he could.
However, as time went by, he started getting lonely. He thought more and more about the other animals in the bright place. He did not wish that he was back there in the bright lights and the overcrowding, but he did wish he had someone that he could play with and talk to on the prairie. His wish came true one day when he noticed that there was a stranger near the prairie. Upon closer inspection, he realized that this was the first being that had rescued him. He had not seen him in a long time, and wondered if he had come to take Phineas to another place. Phineas did not want to go because he loved the prairie and had even come to love the long furred being that he saw near the prairie every day. Phineas soon learned that he was not leaving, but that the being had come to answer his wish for a friend.
On the edge of the prairie sat a small lonely bear with a funny red bow wrapped around its head. When he approached the bear, she (for he now realized that the bear was surely a girl) backed away a little with a look of fear in her eyes. She could only move a little ways in that direction, because the prairie dropped off sharply to the ocean below. He did not want the bear to hurt herself, so he backed away in order to give her some room off of the edge. When he saw that she was no longer in any danger, he tried talking to her. He gave her his name, and in return she told him that her name was Sara. After this, they began talking of all different manner of topic. When it came to where she was from, she said that she couldn't remember, but she did believe that if it had been the bright place, she would have certainly remembered.
Since Sara's legs were kind of short, and Phineas was such a strong tiger, he let her ride on his back through the prairie. On these trips she would tell him of the things that she did remember, namely what was on the other side of the ocean. He told him of lands that had bears that, while they were much larger than she was and dressed in some strange clothes, they were nowhere near as big as the beings that ruled this place. She also told him of four turtles that were smaller than she was, and that they were ever so friendly because they would nod and agree with everything that she said. Through her stories, Phineas began to get an idea that maybe he should try to cross the ocean and see these lands for himself.

And that's just what he did. Eventually.


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