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Monkey Business In The Air - 00 Lilly Teddy Bear

Novel By: dibbledabble
Childrens stories

Second 00 Lilly Adventure, Lilly goes to the zoo View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 22, 2012    Reads: 16    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

How To Make A Crocodile Cry

"No more zoo?" Roderick looked close to tears. "But I like it here! Where would I go? I've been here since I was a cub!" And with each worried statement the big old Grizzly got more animated and grizzly about what it would mean if the zoo closed. It appeared that the tough old bear was actually a bit of a baby or more correctly a cub. So much so that Lilly had to coax him out of view of the crowd, firstly to save his dignity, but also to comfort and calm him down. If there is one job a teddy can do well, it is comfort a crying child…..or bear. Though she didn't much appreciate the bear hug Roderick gave her, it was worth the squeeze to get him out of his self-centred sulk and talking about what the monkeys were doing. "There, there," said Lilly as she broke free from the hug and stroked Roderick's nose reassuringly. "How are the monkeys getting the crocodile tears?" Roderick sniffed and began to explain.

"It's at night just after the keepers go home. The monkeys have a way out. I see them slipping under the fence and out through the hole they keep hidden in the netting. Giggling! They are always giggling! Those monkeys never stop giggling and messing about!" Roderick let out a big huff. He was clearly unimpressed by the monkey's behaviour. Lilly stroked a little more and encouraged Roderick to keep talking. "Go on, and then what happens next?" "They head down to the ostriches, whispering and fooling around like a bunch of kids on a hike, where they sneak up on one of the dozing birds and pluck its plumage. They're after the longest feathers they can find, and once plucked, run off towards the crocodile pit leaving the ostrich to run around startled from her sleep, squawking mad and spitting feathers! Poor old Beth barely has any tail feathers left at all." Lilly gave Roderick a kind smile; it was obvious that the big Grizzly was a big old softy really. It was also becoming obvious how the monkeys could make a crocodile cry. Roderick returned a worried smile and continued. "One of these days Rex is going to be too quick for those monkeys. Then they will be sorry!" "Rex is a crocodile right, Rex because he's a reptile I guess?" Lilly enquired. Roderick nodded. "Stupid monkeys don't know how dangerous he is. One of them stands by the pool and rudely wiggles its bottom at Rex to entice him out of the water, and as soon as he's out, the others attack with the long feathers and start to tickle. Man that Rex likes to be tickled. At first! Silly old croco' even rolls on his back. Well, that's when the real tickling begins. All those monkeys tickling him under his chin, armpits and belly. You know what it's like when you're tickled that much, more than you can take, when you can barely breathe for laughing. That's when you begin to cry, tears of uncontrollable laughter, it's then that those pesky monkeys steal his tears."

Lilly thought a little about what Roderick had told her, but there were still a couple of unanswered question. What did the monkeys do with the tears and how were the children becoming infected? Neither question could Roderick answer. Lilly would have to go elsewhere for those answers. She figured that the best animals to ask these questions of would be the ones doing the stealing. With Roderick having told all he knew Lilly knew it was time to move on. She gave Roderick one last big teddy bear hug, reassuring him that she would stop the monkey's tomfoolery and make sure the zoo did not close. She then turned away to climb back down the pile of rocks; shimmy up a small tree and down back over the wall. The next stop the Monkey House!


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