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Monkey Business In The Air - 00 Lilly Teddy Bear

Novel By: dibbledabble
Childrens stories

Second 00 Lilly Adventure, Lilly goes to the zoo View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 23, 2012    Reads: 15    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

Falling Tears

A prams' storage basket proved a very useful way to travel; out of sight, quick and comfortable. Though the small child crying above her made Lilly's heart melt. Her natural reaction was to climb into its arms and sooth the child's tears, but she could not be side tracked from her mission. It had taken nearly an hour to find out from Roderick what he knew. The clock was ticking: the countdown was on. One hour had gone and three hours were left until Vicky and the other children would re-board the bus and head back home. As Lilly's transport wheeled its way along the path Lilly could see Miss Sharp talking to a boy, it was Billy Smith. He was crying and Miss Sharp had a face like thunder. Miss Sharp having a face like thunder was not that unusual, but Billy Smith crying was. He was one of those children that just did not cry! The lady pushing the pram was heading straight to the Monkey House, hoping that the monkeys would be enough of a distraction for her daughter and quell the tears that appeared to be falling for absolutely no reason at all. Lilly suspected that they were heading directly towards the place that was causing all the tears. Even the child's mother was beginning to sniff, and adults are fairly immune to crocodile tears. Though the mother was fairly young, so perhaps her immunity to crocotearalitis was not that strong, never the less it was a worrying development.

Lilly had hoped to have gotten to the monkeys before any more children were affected by crocotearalitis. This made thing even more complicated. Back at TOTS (The Office of Teddy Security), the boffins had been analysing crocodile tears and had found an antidote, something that would counteract the crocodile tears. Not only would Lilly have to stop the monkeys, but she would have to collect the antidote: A perilous task, even for the world's best secret agent. How on earth was she ever going to collect the tears of a Boa Constrictor? If you think crocodile tears are hard to come by. Constrictor tears are incredibly rarer and very, very powerful. Unfortunately for Lilly they were also the perfect antidote to crocotearalitis. What made it even more difficult was that a Boa can only shed one tear at a time and only once in twenty four hours. Lilly had to make sure that the monkeys would no longer be able to infect the children before she distributed the antidote, although she had no idea how she would do that either. She did know that the antidote wouldn't last very long. Once she had dosed everyone affected with the cure, all that would happen, if she hadn't stopped the crocodile tears being used forever, is that the antidote could wear off and the children would become infected again. However she was going to collect the tears of a Boa Constrictor, she had to get to the monkeys first and before they had all the children in the zoo balling their eyes out.


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