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Monkey Business In The Air - 00 Lilly Teddy Bear

Novel By: dibbledabble
Childrens stories

Second 00 Lilly Adventure, Lilly goes to the zoo View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 28, 2012    Reads: 13    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Chapter 7 - Getting Teachers' Help.

As Lilly headed off towards the wooden benches that rose in tiers from a corrugated roofed metal frame that lined one long edge of the Sea Lions pool, the monkey headed the other way and the raccoon slipped back into the shadows. The show had just begun so the benches were full of children, parents and teachers, all their eyes on the pool where one of the stars of the show was demonstrating how to keep a ball balanced on your nose while swimming backstroke. Lilly scanned the rows of backs for Miss Sharp, whom she located with ease by her silver haired bun which sat atop of her head: a hair style it appeared the strictest teachers always favoured. And if there was one thing Lilly required right now was a strict teacher!

Miss Sharp was sat conveniently on the highest row at the back of the stand and right at the end, where she could see all the children who sat in the tiers below her, all the way down to the pool, where Lilly's Vicky sat, a tissue in her hand. As too did many of the other children who occasionally sniffed and dabbed their eyes, feeling tearful for no real reason. All they knew was that they felt that they weren't getting their way: though they didn't really know what their way was either. Miss Sharp had her detention note book out and was writing names, which was a sure way of telling she was not particularly happy herself. She was scowling; her face, set like a prune sucking a lemon, showed her displeasure. If there was one thing that really annoyed Miss Sharp it was children who cried crocodile tears.

Lilly's fears about the infection spreading were turning out to be true: she had an epidemic on her hands. She had to talk some sense into the monkeys, find out if they had any more tears stored and how they were infecting so many children. And for that she needed Miss Sharp's help! Lilly was going to have to do something that was frowned upon in the world of teddies. Step over the mark, break a rule. Set aside the teddy bear code of conduct. She was going to have to interact with a human, an incredibly difficult thing to do, since letting a human know she was alive would mean being dismissed from TOTS and risked being sent teddy bear jail! There was only one avenue open to her, and if she got it wrong then not only would the whole mission be in jeopardy, but she would change the relationship between teddies and humans forever. She was going to have to hypnotise Miss Sharp!

It was a simple task climbing up the metal framework of the stand and onto a ledge that braced the uprights to support the roof. There tucked out of sight, Lilly felt in her special secret agent pouch for her pocket watch set on a long chain. Before she could lower and swing it in front of the teacher's eyes, which everyone knows is the best way to hypnotise someone, she would have to begin by talking her into a relaxed state. Lilly was going to have to take it very carefully. Miss Sharp was as sharp as her name suggests and didn't miss very much. If she smelled a rat…or a teddy, the game would be up! Something perhaps you did not know, but Lilly did, is that teachers are particularly strange humans, in that their hearing is different from others: something that would help a great deal in hypnotising Miss Sharp. Have you ever wondered how your teacher heard something you whispered? Well it's because their hearing is very finely tuned. Teachers are one of a very rare breed of humans, in that they can hear teddy bear's talk.

So in very calm and hushed tones Lilly began to whisper, she whispered about warm sunny days on far away beaches, where waves rippled up onto their shores. She whispered of summer breezes in buttercup meadows and rivers that wound themselves sleepily through the fields. She talked about cool woodland walks, up in the hills where small bird flitted like dreams from twig to twig and nightingales sang lullabies. And she lowered the watch by its chain and started a pendulum swing in front of the teacher's eyes, and spoke about warm cosy nights on plump comfy cushions in front of crackling fires, whose flames danced hypnotically amongst the logs. And ticking grandfather clocks and how it make you sleepy..veery sleeeepy. Miss Sharp's eyes at first had followed the watch as it swung left to right and back again, but as Lilly talked she slowly brought the watch to a stop and as she did the teacher's eyes lids became heavy and eventually close. Miss Sharp was fast asleep; all but that she could still hear Lilly in the background.

Now there is a little you need to know about being hypnotised so you can understand what happens next. It is like being wide awake, though you are asleep whilst the hypnotiser can give you instructions and make you believe pretty much anything they like. However they also have to be able to wake you up and end your hypnotic sleep. And once woken, you will not remember anything that has happened while you were asleep. This is most often done by a click of the fingers, but of course Lilly does not have fingers that can be clicked so she decided that blowing a raspberry would be the easiest way to begin and end the hypnotism.

Lilly pulled up the pocket watch and checked the time before putting it back in her pouch. Another hour had gone: only two hours were left to solve the crime and complete her mission. Lilly began to give the now hypnotised teacher instructions quickly. Whilst Miss Sharp sat there snoozing all she could hear was Lilly's voice in her head. "In a moment I will wake you up with the sound of a raspberry, and when you hear it you will love teddy bears. And you will immediately then go to the Monkey House. You will believe that the monkeys are naughty children and their enclosure is a classroom. The second time you hear me blow a raspberry, you will become awake fully and forget everything that has happened." And with that Lilly dropped into Sharky's lap, stuck out her tongue, pursed her lips and blew. "THPPPP!" :~


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