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Monkey Business In The Air - 00 Lilly Teddy Bear

By: dibbledabble

Chapter 1, Second 00 Lilly Adventure, Lilly goes to the zoo

A Day Out At The Zoo

With Lilly safely tucked up in bed and a kiss planted on her head, Vicky bounced down the stairs dumping her school bag at its foot. Then headed into the kitchen to collect the packed lunch her mother had prepared ready for the trip to the zoo. Lilly had no intention of staying in bed until Vicky got back from school. Lilly, who was not even the slightest bit tired, slipped out from under the covers. If there is one thing a secret agent bear knows, it is that they must get a good night’s sleep when a mission is coming up, so she had and had more than enough sleep already. Besides today was the day, the day Lilly HAD to go to the zoo with Vicky. Peered around the bedroom door and down the stair, Lilly check the coast was clear. The family were all in the kitchen chattering away. Vicky’s mother discussing the coming weekend’s events with Vicky’s father, whilst Vicky and her brother were having a ‘lively’ conversation about who should have the rosiest apple for their lunch box. A most important issue when you are eight! Not quite as important as Lilly’s mission though. The mission that had her swiftly slide down the banister and straight into Vicky’s school bag just in the nick of time. And to burrow down to the bottom before Vicky came back out in to the hallway, place her lunch in her bag and zip it up.

Lilly would have to stay concealed at the bottom of Vicky’s bag until they got to the zoo. If Vicky or Miss Sharp found Lilly before they got there, the mission would be off. Miss Sharp had said “No toys!” and if Miss Sharp said, then she SIAD and you had better listen! At best if Vicky found Lilly before they got on the coach to the zoo, she would give Lilly to her daddy to take back home. At worst Miss Sharp would find Lilly. Vicky would be in a whole lot of trouble and Lilly would find herself locked in Miss Sharp’s drawer until home time and more importantly, after the trip to the zoo!

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