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Have you ever wanted to meet a character from a book? Amelia Jhonson had always dreamed of meeting nice, fun, brave Audrey, a character from her favorite book. However, when she is transported to Audrey's world soon it becomes clear that all is not what it seems. With the help of daisy the fairy and Thistle the elf Amelia tries to sort things out in a world were what appears to be one way is always another. View table of contents...


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Chapter 7: A walk to a dark place

Amelia opened her eyes and saw a bunch of… elves looking down at her.

"Hello!" squeaked one of the elves with a grin.

"You took quite a fall you did!" stated another elf.

"Hope you don't mind that we wrapped your head!" proclaimed a third elf.

Amelia sat up in her bed and looked at her surroundings. She was obviously in some sort of hospital. Along both of the walls white cot upon white cot lay side beside another in a long straight line. The Cots were all short and wide, obviously made for elves she Amelia's feet dangled off the end of her cot. All the cots had small tables beside them with ointments and potions in them. On Amelia's was a small mirror. Amelia reached out and grabbed it slowly turning it over to view her face. She gasped when she did. Her entire forehead was covered in white bandages held together by a brown pin. Her eyes were watery and her skin looked dry. Amelia quickly placed the mirror back on the table. She couldn't imagine what her friends would ask if they saw her now. The elves had by now scattered about the room, both tending and visiting patients. Only one elf remained by her side. The one who had taken her to the black fairy's chambers.

"Why are you still here?" asked Amelia. The elf looked around and seeing that all the other elves were busy at the moment she bent over and began to whisper in Amelia's ear.

"I couldn't help but over hear your conversation with the Black Fairy. I didn't mean to listen in but I had nothing else to do and…" The elf trailed off then continued. "Anyway, I know that you must be scared, or shocked because you fainted really hard. So, after you fainted I followed you here to talk to you."

Amelia looked down at the elf and frowned.
"What do you mean talk to me? Like a therapist? I mean I know fell hard but, not that hard." The elf doubled over in laughter clutching at her sides her face turning red. Finally when she controlled her self she looked back at Amelia and giggled.

"I'm not a therapist! That's Blinker!" exclaimed the elf, pointing over to a elf with shot red hair in a pant suite. Still laughing the elf took Amelia by the hand and led her out of the cot.

"We need to talk about this in private." Said the elf looking serious. She took Amelia by the hand and pulled her out of the hospital room. She glanced around and headed down the main hallway. The hallway was seemingly deserted in this part of the palace. Finally, the elf found an empty chamber and she shut the door behind them with a soft click. The elf turned around and began to whisper.

"I understand that you have to destroy queen Audrey for some reason. I did some research while you were passed out and Queen Audrey is almost unbeatable, not because she is powerful, but because she has lots of security. So, as you can conclude the only way to destroy her is to get her face to face and the only way to do that is to sneak into her castle. If you want my opinion you need to get this deed done fast. Hopefully, it could be done today or tomorrow. We have waited so long for this and it needs to be done." The Elf looked up at Amelia with wide eyes and Amelia couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor elf, led by this tyrant for years. She looked around the classroom and taking a deep breath, bent down to the elf's height and whispered,

"How do I get into the castle… What's your name?"

The elf grinned in glee. "My name is Thistle!"

Amelia sat up quickly in her bed as a soft BEEP sounded through her room. Glancing around for her alarm clock in a moment of confusion she slowly came back to the modern moment. Glancing at her watch she saw that it was 4:00 AM. Slowly she got out of her bed and shivered. It was freezing in only a light night shift. Amelia walked over to the dresser and pulled it open. As promised there was a long green dress, a blue cloak, and a pair of brown boots laying inside of the drawer. Amelia pulled them out and quickly got dressed. As soon as she was dressed she slipped out into the hall and tiptoed down it. The stars on the ceiling glittered in the moonlight that was streaming in through the window. Amelia made her way to the chamber that her and thistle had met in earlier and opened the door. There sitting on a desk shoved in the corner, was Thistle.

"Good you're here." Said Thistle, hopping off of the desk. She opened the door and the two stepped outside. Thistle brought her finger to her lips and the pair crept silently down the hall until…

"What are you guys doing?"

Amelia stopped dead in her tracks her eyes bugged out like she'd received an electrical shock. She would know that voice anywhere. It was the voice of Daisy the fairy.

Amelia turned with a smile on her face. Thistle started to say something but Amelia beat her to it.

"Well I couldn't sleep so I was just taking a walk around the castle." Amelia said in an uncertain voice, trying to give a convincing smile. Daisy looked at Amelia.

"if you were just walking around when you couldn't sleep why are you completely dressed."

Darn those fairies and their toughness. Why couldn't they be slow like a sloth!

Amelia glanced around, shifting from side to side. She had no idea what to say. Finally she looked over at Thistle and shrugged her shoulders.

"We're heading for Queen Audrey's castle." Said Thistle gravely. Daisy recoiled in horror her face twisting into a frown.

"Why? Why are you going there!" gasped Daisy. Amelia took a deep breath and began to tell the entire story. By the end Daisy had clenched her fists and had gotten a determined look in her eyes.

"I'm going with you!" she cried flying over to Amelia and Thistle. Amelia shook her head,

"No. this will be dangerous Thistle is only going to escort me and show me the way to the castle then I have to go in on my own. If you go with me then you'll get hurt." Daisy and Thistle both looked at her sternly.

"We are going with you!" said both Thistle and Daisy at the same time. Amelia sighed and turned around, without saying anything. So it was that a Fairy, Girl, and Elf headed out on a walk to a dark place.


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