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Painting Perfection (new version)

Novel By: Gigidancer19
Childrens stories

Catherine has never been chosen for anything but one day she is choson for a painting team and it all goes from there. Joined by sidekicks Mary and Shrell she is transportaed into another world were she discovers that her past is connected in ways she never could have imagined. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

Catherine Charleston had never been chosen for anything. Soccer team, no, chess club, no, tutoring for math, nope, (Just figured the day a tutor came around she got an A on a math test) truly nothing. One day however, that all changed. It was a rainy miserable Wednesday afternoon in Portland, Oregon when Catherine was startled from staring out the window of her homeroom class by the sound of the very squeaky classroom door opening. A woman who looked like she had taken facial tips from Joan Rivers walked in. She had small wrinkles that had been supposed to replace the wrinkles and then some wrinkles on top of that. She seemed to be fat but part of that was the way she was styled. Her brown hair was in a small tight bun which was very unattractive on her because she had almost no hair on first impression. She wore a baggy pair of boots and a skirt that went down to her shoes. Then, she also adorned a large puffy white blouse which looked like something out of the 19th century. She spoke in a sharp voice that sounded like nails scratching against a chalkboard. "I'm Lethia Berris the chairmen of the art committee. I'm here to announce the art team." Catherine sighed, yet another time had rolled around to get upset for yet another thing she wasn't picked for.

"Mary Bregger, Shrell Caummbi, and," she paused, "Catherine Charleston."

Catherine didn't faint, or suddenly have a heart attack, she didn't let out a huge whoop and jump up screaming, and in fact she didn't do anything. She just sat in her chair staring at the tall semi scary woman with her mouth hanging open.

"Well child," Lethia began "are you going to stare off into space like a juvenile delinquent or come with me." She crinkled her face into what Catherine supposed was to Lethia anyway a frown. Slowly Catherine stood up and pushed her chair into her small single desk. With shaking legs she walked over to the small group. Without a word the woman walked out of the classroom.

Lethia lead the three girls out of the classroom and into the long winding hall. Soon she opened the door to the art room and waved to three chairs lined up against the wall which to Catherine appeared to be styled in a jail room fashion. She made sure the children were sitting then turned on her heel and sashayed out of the room and shut the door. Then she popped back in and shut off the light. At the sudden darkness one of the girls, probably Shrell let out a loud squeaky scream.


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