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Polo, Crander, and Vaker live in Pittsburg. View table of contents...

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Crander's (Proposed) Girlfriend:
Crander: Will you be my girlfriend.

Anna: No.

Crander: Will you be my girlfriend.

Melissa: No.

Crander: Will you be my girlfriend.

Pinch: No.

Crander: Will you be my girlfriend.

Kristen: No.



Crander: Ugh, every girl in this town has said no, what I am I going to do, I don't want to go to heck (cries).

Polo: There, there, Crander, you'll find a girlfriend, just keep trying.

Crander: (Wipes tears) okay.

Crander: And now that I think of it, I did see a for sale sign, and the housing people said that a girl will be moving in a few days, so that's a plus.

Polo: That's the sprit, Crander.


Crander: Okay, I am gonna go meet that girl.

Polo: You go Crander.


Crander: Hello, what's your name, do you want to be my girlfriend.

Petunia: Petunia, and LOVE TO, when do you want it to be.

Crander: Hmm, Friday at 9 at Dinner Ginner sound good.

Petunia: It's a doggone deal.


Polo: Good luck Crander.

Crander: Okay.


Petunia: So, wanna kiss.

Crander: What, right now??
Petunia: Yeah.

Crander: Sure.

Crander & Petunia kiss

Waiter: Hello, what would you like to order.

Crander: Well, I would like Chicken In A Bucket, please.

Petunia: And I would like the same as him, please.

Waiter: Okay, your order will be ready in a minute.

Crander: So, it's a buetiful night.

Petunia: Yeah, it is.

Petunia: Wanna have another kiss.

Crander: Sure.

Crander & Petunia have another kiss

Waiter: Here are your orders.

Crander & Petunia: Thank you.

Crander: Sooo, why did you do a moving trip.

Petunia: Huh, I might as well tell you, huh, I have been in jail a few times.

Crander: Wow, a few times, what for.

Petunia: Well, in my old town, there were lots and lots of laws.

Crander: Yes, but what laws did you break.

Petunia: Well, I broke laws for throwing a trophy in mid air, breaking the famous zuckerman duck statue, and skydiving with flippers.

Crander: Wow, those laws sound very stupid, what town were you from.
Petunia: SuperTown.

Crander: SuperTown, huh, hmm, I do kinda remember that place being famous for it's laws, weren't they the ones who invented the law book.

Petunia: Yup.

Crander: Well, I'm glad I'm not in that town.

Crander: I'm glad I'm with you.

Petunia: Thanks.

Crander: You're welcome.

Petunia: So, wanna kiss again.

Crander: Sure.

Crander & Petunia kiss again

Crander ;)



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