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Polo, Crander, and Vaker live in Pittsburg. View table of contents...

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Jail Bugs:

Everybody: litter, muhahahahaha


Cop #1: Polo, Crander, Vaker, and Tyler come out with your hands up.

Everybody: What did we do?!?

Cop #1: Don't tell me what did you do, YOU LITTERED.

Polo: But we didn't litter.

Cop #1: Oh yes, you did, look at these photo.

Everyone: (Gulps)

Cop #1: Come on, you're going to jail.

Crander: NOOOOOOO!

Crime: Name.

Polo: Polo.

Crime: Crime.

Polo: Littering.

Crime: Name.

Crander: Crander.

Crime: Crime.

Crander: Littering.

Crime: Name.

Vaker: Vaker.

Crime: Crime.

Vaker: Littering.

Crime: Name.

Tyler: Tyler.

Crime: Crime.

Tyler: Littering.

Crime: Okay, you may now recive your jail suits.

Cues Song

Polo: Why, why, why are we in jail.

Crander: Yeah, why, we didn't do the crime.

Vaker: Why is it, that we have to be in this dark dark place.

Tyler: Where everything is the same, why why why, why why why why why.

Polo: We have to wear these stupid orange suits, when we didn't do the crime.

Crander: I think I now know why, we didn't do the crime, but I think it was, our own doppelgangers.

Vaker: Yeah, I think you're right, I mean who else would do it, other than dopplegangers, dude.

Tyler: Yeah we were framed, someone, just has to find the real bugs, who did what was not our faults, but theirs, and I'm hoping, they find them soon.

Ends Song

Cop #1: You're under arre.. wait what, but didn't we just catch you.

Bun Bun: Actually, my real name is Bun Bun.

Dejer: And I'm Dejer.

Andy: And I'm Andy.

Flower: And I'm Flower.

Cop #1: Well, you are all under arrest.

Cop #1: Hey, turns out you guys were the wrong bugs we were trying to catch, we found the real ones.

Polo: Good, were out.

Crander: Yup, goodie.

Tyler: Yup.

Vaker: Yesserini.

Polo: Now let's go back home.



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