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Polo, Crander, and Vaker live in Pittsburg. View table of contents...


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Bonnie Visits:

Phone rings

Polo notices the phone

Polo: Hello.

Polo: Oh hi, Bonnie, uh huh, you're coming for a visit, at what time.

Polo: 7pm, okay, I'll write it down.

Polo: 7pm, at what date, tommorow at 7pm, okay, see ya, bye.

Polo: Guess what guys, my girlfriend Bonnie's coming to visit.

Crander: Uh, Polo, remember, I'm scared of girls.

Polo: Oh, yeah, right, hmm, well you could always go outside while Bonnie here.

Polo: How about you, go to the amusement park.

Crander: Remember the last time we went to the amusement park.



Crander falls off rollercoaster ride

Crander: AAAAAHHH!

Polo: Whew, that was fun, right Crander, uh, Crander.

Crander: I'm in the VERY BACK.

Polo: Oh there you are, hmm, didn't know you blew away, why didn't you tell me.


Polo: Oh yeah, right.

Polo: Huh, well, how about you just go camping.

Crander: Okay.


Crander: I'm going camping for three nights.

Polo: Okay, Crander.

Crander: Bye.

Polo: Bye.

Vaker: Huh, what's going on.

Polo: Oh hey, Vaker, just wake up.

Vaker: Yeah, whatya cookin.

Polo: Oh just some Chili Cheese Dogs, want some.

Vaker: Want some, I would LOVE SOME, you make the best chili cheese dogs on the planet.

Vaker: Hey, where's Crander.

Polo: Camping for three days.

Vaker: Lemme guess, A girl's coming.

Polo: Yeah, how did you know.

Vaker: Well, before you lived here, he always told me he was afraid of girls.

Polo: Huh, hopefully someday he faces his fear of girls.

Vaker: Well, I don't think he will.

Polo: What, that's ridiculous.

Vaker: Huh, okay, I'll tell you the whole story, so it all happened when we were kids.


Crander: Hey Vaker, watch me do a cannonball.

Vaker: Okay, Crander.

Crander does a cannonball

Gets kissed by Fat Susan



Vaker: And that's why he's been afraid of girls.

Polo: Oh yeah, I remember seeing her in the neighboorhood one time, she creeped me out (Shudders).

Vaker: Yeah, so who's the girl who's coming to visit anyways.

Polo: My girlfriend.

Vaker: Oh, you mean, Bonnie.

Polo: Yup, her.

Vaker: Okay.


Bonnie knocks on door

Polo: Oh, hey, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Hey, Polo.

Bonnie: So, is this your friend.

Vaker: Hi, I'm Vaker.

Bonnie: Hi, Vaker.

Bonnie: Polo, didn't you say you had one more friend, where is he.

Polo: Oh, he's afraid of girls.

Bonnie: Oh, what happened.

Vaker: Well, it all started back when we were kids-


Vaker: And that's why he's afraid of girls.

Bonnie: Wow, poor guy.

Polo: Yeah, so, what you been up to back at Bugtown.

Bonnie: Oh, I've just been watching the triplets, visiting your brother and sister, you know.

Polo: Oh, well, that's great.

Bonnie: So, are you about to have dinner.

Polo: Oh yeah, right, made some Chicken.

Bonnie: Okay.



Bonnie: Anyways, gotta go back to Bugttown, see ya, bye.

Polo: Bye, Bonnie.

Polo: Huh, wasn't that fun.

Vaker: Yeah, yeah it was.


Crander: I'm back.

Polo: So, how was the camping trip.

Crander: Oh, it was fun.

Polo: Oh, well, that's great, and hey, you didn't tell me you were afraid of girls.

Crander: Wait what, how do you know.

Polo: Vaker told me.

Crander: Of course.

Crander: But I don't mind him telling it to you, at least you will be willing to keep a secret.

Polo: Yup, I'll keep it a secret.

Polo winks



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