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Bugs, Marco, Polo, and Candy, work for a bomb factory called SMV, which their job is to stop bombs from happening. View table of contents...


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SMV Shutdown:

Human Resources: I'm sorry Standby, but were going to have to shut SMV down or get some other company to buy it out, unless you can think of a plan, you're either going to get bought out by another company or you're gonna have to shut down your place.

Mr. Turtle: But you can't shut it down, please (cries), please (cries).

Human Resources: Okay, fine, you have a week to think of a plan to stop it from shutting down or getting bought out, but if it dosen't get some attention I'm going to have to shut it down.

Mr. Turtle: Okay.

Mr. Turtle: Everyone who works here, come here.

Marco and Polo: Yes Boss.

Mr. Turtle: I'm sorry to tell some of you this, but we have a week in order to stop SMV from shutting down or getting bought out by another company.

Mr. Turtle: Marco and Polo can you help me with this.

Marco and Polo: Sure, but how do we get some attention.

Candy: Ooh I know, Billboards, think about it, you could have your company stacked up on billboards and everyone could see it, and you could get more money.

Mr. Turtle: Any other ideas.

Shawn: A TV Commercial could be good.

Mr. Turtle: TV Commercial check.

James: How bout the worldwide web via Gootube.

Mr. Turtle: Ehh, wouldn't be too bad.

Mr. Turtle: Now, guys, we only got a week to advertise this, so does anyone of you know how to do a TV Commercial.

Polo: I do, you just simply shoot a camera at someone, put some greenscreen on the banner, and BAM!, you got a commercial.

Mr. Turtle: Hmmm, dosen't seem too hard.

Mr. Turtle: I have some greenscreen somewhere, but I never really found it.

Polo finds Greenscreen

Mr. Turtle: Polo, you found it, GREAT JOB, now does anybody have a camera.

Shawn: I do, but it's back at my house, can I go get it??.

Mr. Turtle: Sure Shawn.

Shawn: YAY!

Shawn finds camera and goes to Mr. Turtle's office

Mr. Turtle: Shawn! YOU FOUND IT!

Mr. Turtle: Now we need a commercials, and fast.

Marco: Let's start MAKING!

cues commercial

Mr. Turtle: Hello everybody, I'm Mr. Turtle, wanna work at SMV, well YOU GOTTA SIGN APPLICATIONS FOR IT.

Marco: It'll be a lot of fun working at SMV, so come join us.


Note singers are not real

Polo: So, do you think this will be successful.

Mr. Turtle: We'll see.

a few days later

Froggo: I want a job.

Song: I want a job at SMV.



Human Resources: Yeah, a Modess Success.

Mr. Turtle: WHAT?!?!

Human Resources: You're still gonna have to experince a Company buyout.

Mr. Turtle: (Makes sad face)


Polo: What??? for sale.

Mr. Turtle: Yup, guess were gonna have to experince a buyout.

Marco: (Makes sad face)

Mr. Turtle gets phone call

Human Resources: Standby, WE'VE GOT SOME GREAT NEWS.

Mr. Turtle: What is it.

Human Resources: We've just heard that your commercial has become a $300 million dollar success, meaning that A.K.A you'll be getting your company back.

Mr. Turtle: What, I'll be getting my company back (Makes very happy face).

Mr. Turtle: WAHOO!!.

Polo: What's the matter, Mr. Turtle.

Mr. Turtle: Marco, Polo, I got my company back.

Marco: What, NO WAY!, Is it really true!!.

Mr. Turtle: Yes, yes it is.

Everyone cheers as SMV is not shut down



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