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Bugs, Marco, Polo, and Candy, work for a bomb factory called SMV, which their job is to stop bombs from happening. View table of contents...


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Polo's Big Fault:

???: Hehehehe, I'm going to set this bomb.

Cop #1: Polo, is that you.

???: Who's Polo.

Cop #2: Oh forget it, were gonna have to arrest you if you don't deactivate this bomb.

runs away

Polo: So, whatcha wanna do today, Marco.

Marco: I don't know, I think I'll probaly lay on this tree here.

Polo: Okay, I think I'm gonna play Flying Disc.

Marco: Okay, have fun.

Flys disc and runs into cop

Polo: Oh, hello officer.

Cop #1: Oh, were gonna have to arrest you.

Polo: Wait, what.


Cop #1: Oh yeah, right, book em, boys.

Polo: Wait, I'm innocent, Marco, HEEELLLLLPPPP!!.

Marco: What's going on here???.

Cop #1: Were arresting this bomb activater.

Marco: Wait what, but Polo would never do such a thing.

Cop #1: Were sorry, but were still gonna arrest him.


Cops arrest Polo and take him to jail
Marco: (Cries)

Marco: Wait a minute, I KNOW, cue song.

Marco: ^I know what I have to do, I have to set a trap, a big fiesty trap, and when he goes to that trap, he gets caught^.

Cop #1: #122, you got a visitor.

Polo: HUH! Marco.

Polo: Marco, I don't deserve to be in jail.

Marco: No worries, buddy, I'VE GOT A PLAN.

Polo: What's the plan.

Marco whispers in Polo's ears

Polo: HUH! You'd really do that for me.

Marco: Hey that's what brothers are for, right.

Polo: Yeah, I guess it is.

Marco: Anywho, see ya.

Polo: See ya.

Marco: Cue song again

Marco: ^Set a trap, set a trap, set a trap so he gets caught^

A few days later

Sets trap and Doppleganger falls in

Marco: Now time to reveal who the guy is.

Marco: HUH! Bingo.

Marco: Why Bingo, Why would you do it???

Bingo: Because, it was always Polo is the best, Polo can do things better than you Bingo, and etc, etc.

Cop #1: Well, you're still gonna have to jail.


Releases Polo out of jail

Polo: Thanks Marco.

Marco: You're welcome Polo.

Marco: Cue Song.

Marco: ^We've had a lot of fun, but noooowwww it's time to end this chapter^



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