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Bugs, Marco, Polo, and Candy, work for a bomb factory called SMV, which their job is to stop bombs from happening. View table of contents...


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Marco's Big Fault

???: Hehehehe, I'm gonna set this bomb with this descise while he's asleep.

Sets Bomb

Cop #1: HUH, Marco, is that you.

???: You didn't see anything.

Cop #2: Don't worry I got a photo for proof

Polo: Marco, That's you!

Marco: Wait What?? I didn't do anything.

Cop #2: Oh yes, You set up a bomb, and now your under arrest.

Marco: Wait, I was framed, it's not my fault.

Marco: Polo, HELP!

Polo: Sorry Marco, It's the law if you did it, you did it.

Cop #1: Marco, you got a visitor.

Marco: HUH! Candy, Is that you??

Candy: Yes it is me, big brother.

Marco: Please you gotta help me, I was framed.

Candy: No worries, I'll get the imposter.

Marco: Thanks Candy, I don't deserve to be in jail.

Candy: You're welcome.

Candy: The imposter sneaks at night, so if anything I'll just set a trap on the guy.

??? tip toes and almost sets another bomb

Candy: NOW!

???: AAAHHHHH!! I'm trapped.

Candy: Now to reveal the person who did this.

Candy: HUH, Tanya! why was it you, your so nice, why would you do such at thing.

Tanya: Because Marco kept deactivating bombs, and I never was the one who did it anymore, it was Marco's a hero, Marco's our favorite, GO MARCO!, when it used to be me who did that.

Cop #2: I'm sorry Tanya, but were gonna have to take you to jail.

Tanya: Fine, take me.

sets Marco out of jail

Marco: Thanks Candy, you saved the day for me, I only wished a certain brother would help.

Candy: You're welcome Marco, and yeah, I will agree Polo wasn't really helping.


Candy: With what.

Polo: With deactivating that recent bomb before it exploded.

Candy: Okay, fine you helped with that, but you didn't help your brother.

Polo: That's because I had other things to do.

Candy: Like what.

Polo: Like being with my friends.

Candy: Fine, you're safe.



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