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In 100 words

By: maystar

Chapter 1, well it is basically several stories in 100 words. i got the idea from a contest i entered. first up is luckily unluckily

The plane had crashed.

Luckily- No-one was injured.

Unluckily- They were in the middle of no-where.

Luckily - It was very hot.

Unluckily- The sun burnt there skin.

Luckily- They had suncream.

Unluckily- The cream attracted bears.

Luckily- The bear preffered meat to crem.

Unluckily- One of the passengers had meat.

Luckily- They all ran before the bear came.

Unluckily- The bear was faster, stonger and it really wanter meat.

Luckily- There was a rescue helicopter.

Unluckily- The bear caught the ladder.

Luckily-  It fell.

Unluckily- There wasn't enough space. One had to go.

Moral- Don't ever bring meat.

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