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A day in the life of a deer

By: mypassisallodds

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A Day in the Life of a Deer











































Chapter 1


Getting started


            Monday January 24,1848 at 9:00 am. There was a fawn and her mother who were walking in a small stream looking for berries, grass, twigs, and other plants. The mother deer’s name is Tisha and the fawns name is Hurley. Tisha found a big berry bush and told Hurley to follow her. Tisha walked up to the berry bush to take a bite and then all of a sudden she was trapped by a net. She told Hurley to go back to the den but Hurley was to frightened to move. Her mother kept on telling Hurley to leave but Hurley instead tried to save her mother. Then about a minute later a shadow went across the deer a man! The deer were too frightened to move then the man came closer and closer to Tisha. Tisha yelled at Hurley to go to the den but this time Hurley sprinted as fast as she could to the den. Monkeys were swinging telling her to go faster. All the forest animals were frighten by the noise of crows making a terrible noise then all was silent.  A grizzly bear named Fire stepped up and tore the rope with his jaws. The human was shaking with fright as the grizzly “roars” with might.



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