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Thin Tail and Fur Face

Novel By: Pharaoh888
Childrens stories

Gaff is a young rat who has a deep desire for adventures, but because of his curiosity and his will to disobey his mother, he was swept away from his colony and lost in the big city, where he encounters Xander, a tender hearted cat who is facing minor problems with his own colony, which forces him to run away.

After the events of a terrible misunderstanding accident, which leads the two colonies into a deadly war, Gaff and Xander must unite, and race the clock in order to stop the war and reveal the truth, before they have no colonies to return to. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 7, 2011    Reads: 77    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

Allah is our great creator, the kindest of all, and the greatest of all, there was no illah except him, he made everything among us all, the trees, the flowers, the oceans, and the creatures. He made the universe incredibly amazing, as we use our imagination, we feel that the world is the biggest thing we've ever seen, but soon we discover, that it is not. The truth is that the world is too small in the outside; it is between eight other worlds, each nine of them turn around the brightly burning sun. The sun should be mentioned as the biggest, but it isn't; it is smaller than the stars, and the stars are so amazingly huge, that no one can reach. At last, the universe is the one that holds everything, thrillingly writing, it is said, that we are all living in complete dusk.

There is a difference between animals and humans. The souls were the very first creations of Allah, as he created the world, he created firstly with the souls and earth, the animals and plants; yes, yes he did create the animals and plants first before the humans. The first time he created the humans was in heaven, he created a sixty foot human being with the earth and soul, he named him Adam; as Adam was walking in heaven, another sixty foot human was created from his ribs, but this time it was a female, and she was called Eve.

The devil was the most fiendish and cleverest creation of Allah, as Allah himself warned Adam and Eve never to eat from this apple tree, the devil cleverly tricks the two humans and makes them eat the apple tree. For punishment, Allah sends the two humans and the devil to the world, where they discover the creatures known as animals and plants.

Years passing, Adam and Eve were giving birth to millions of children, and as they were growing, they were shrinking, until they became today's size. During the eighties and the nineties, the humans have become a raging nightmare to the animals; hunting them down like toys, and using their flesh and bones as souvenirs to sale.

The shame of it. Don't these humans feel the crime that they create, destroying their own souls and earths? And don't they know that their great creator does not enjoy watching his creations tortured and dead by their hands? Animals are rare creatures; those that save humans' lives, those that help them solve their problems, and all that. Eventually, humans these days started to care only for themselves, and for that, the animals had the right to treat their own lives by themselves; those that live in the city, make sure nothing threatens them, and they create their own peace.

Allah's creations are all wonderful and amazing, there is nothing called bad and ugly. However, sometimes some creations go wrong, it is called like deformation, where genetics are wrongly placed in areas they weren't supposed to be in, causing a new type of creation to the creatures.

Life is wonderful; we all must learn how to guarantee it with honour and loyalty, humans and animals must both learn this. Humans have made peace with each other a lot of times, now we must learn how animals make peace with each other. Whatever happens, it is the will of Allah.


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