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In the Freelancer World: These are the adventures of a good ol' Texas System boy who's a bit outta place movin' freight in the high-falutin' New York System at the center of Liberty Space. View table of contents...


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Been doin' this here run from Pittsburgh to Manhattan for couple weeks now. Nothin' 'citin', just movin' water and pharm one way and bringin' boron ore on th' way back.
Most the time's pretty quiet, just me, Hiatus and the big ol' black. Hiatus' a good rig, kep' me safe - most the time. Wasn't her fault 'tall, that last month, I bout' had my butt blown off! Was all my fault. I's a bein' ' little greedy, ' guess?
I heard I could get some good cred takin' a load of h-fuel to Detroit. So, I loaded up in Manhattan and set out on a new trade lane. I's feelin' I forgot somthin'; didn't member what. Halfway through the trip, right about the time I heard that breach nouncement, I memberd what I forgot - shield batteries!
So there they was 'bout five Xeno's, lockin' on and firin' away. It sounded like firecrackers poppin' outside. Man, I was jumpin' like a horn-frog in a fryin' pot tryin' to get back in that there lane ring. And wouldn't ya know it, right 'bout the time was gonna give 'em the slip, one'a them fellers fired a missle right smack dab in my rear end. Man that still burns my butt!
Oh, I made it to Detroit alright an' all. Yeah, with cargo intact. But that eighty percent hull damage repair bill ate up any profit I was hopin' on makin'. I pretty much jus' broke even.
I learned me a good lesson that day. Taught me; don't forget batteries when you'r makin' a trip in'ta the great unknown. And nother thing ' taught me; well, maybe I should jus' log all this stuff down in this here Wave thingy, so if ever anything were ta happin' to me, people'd know 'bout what I did, what I done, what I'm doin'.
The name's Sam Lonnigan and I fly Rhinos for a livin'.


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