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In the Freelancer World: These are the adventures of a good ol' Texas System boy who's a bit outta place movin' freight in the high-falutin' New York System at the center of Liberty Space. View table of contents...


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I's born on a small moon righ' outside Houston, in the Texas System. 'Em were peaceful days growin' up. Daddy was a freight-runner but Momma didn' like it none, Guess, it be his bein' way from home fur-far too long, made her mighty upset.
Member the first time my Daddy ever did take me on one of these here freighter ships. I was'a wide-eyed ragged little whimper weasel; wasn't thinkin' seriously bout nothin'. So, I's surprised when Daddy took a turn off the trade lane and set the cruise engin's on high. Didn't kno' where we'r off to.
Soon we had gone out way back, past the Junker's debris' field, found some old gate rings there in Pequena Nergra all set in'a row.Man, I bout jumped' high as a jack rabbit when Daddy asked me if I wanted to give it a go!
I's jus' a litter fella sittin' proud in the captn' chair. Sittin's high's could in his chair, I could barely switch the thrusters and power the throttle at'da same time. I'd checks the right rear thruster and the whole ship'd be driftin to the right.Gittin' jittery I'd fire the left thursters bit too much and my Daddy said I's over-correctin'. I's as happy as farmhouse mouse flyin' that thing.
Know, I made it thru every ring that day and didn't hit a one.Oh, I got pertty close alright. I's almost hit one of them little Starflyers comin' back the other way.Man, I must'a givin' that guy a scare, he 'bout wet his pants! Seein' a big old Clydesdale freighter barrelin' down on him.
I loved my Daddy's old work-horse, first freighter I'd ever flew. Yeah, I's got a bunch of them ol' mem'res 'bout that ol' ship. Spent allot'a good days runnin' scrap outta Beaumont Base. Daddy never got rich movin' metal, but there's always nuf work to make a decent livn' and provide for my Momma and me.
I's nearly to the Pittsburgh's dockin' gate and I's got set up'a landing sequence right 'bout now. So, gonna sign-off for while. Once I get on my way 'gain I might right little 'bout my Momma.I sure do miss her.
Name's Sam Lonnigan, and I fly Rino's for livin'.


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