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What to Play?

By: Ava Rosien

Page 1, Little Tommy has trouble finding something to play that won\'t upset his Mom or his pets. Little boys; you have to watch them every second!

I once traveled far; to hunt wild things my dream;

I ate mangos and bananas; drank coconut cream.

Deep in jungles I tread; in search of tigers and wildboars;

to hang their heads on my walls;and their fur on the floors.

My safari was cut short; through no fault of my own;

Mother scolded, “Tommy, leave thekitty cat alone.”

“Aw Mom, he was an panther; as black as midnight;

I had him fair and square; he was right in my sight.”

“Well little hunter; put your cork gun down and eat;

the panther will wait; he’s lying down by your feet.”


I soon finished my sandwich of bologna and cheese;

Back out I went to pretend, and play in the breeze.

This time not a hunter; but a fire fighter instead;

In my fire truck I race; with trusty helmet on head.

I see flames coming from a house; I must put it out!

I grab my green hose; after turning full on the spout;

The fire is quenched; with gallons of water I sprayed.

Out came my mother; looking annoyed and dismayed.

“Tommy! The windows are open; everything’s all wet;

put down that garden hose; or you will live to regret!”


“Another fun game is ruined; now what shall I play?”

Hey, Bruno; want to be the steed I ride on today?

I’ll be a knight; and you’ll be a stallion of black;

I’ll ride into battle; winning the war on your back.

“Bruno, come back here;dumb dog; its only pretend.

Without you I can’t gallop and fight; the King to defend.”

Little Tommy gives up; sits down on the ground;

Now his fun is ruined not by Mom; but a hound!


He looks around the yard; searching for some fun;

that no one could scold for; nor break away and run.

“I’ve got it!” He shouted; running over to his swing;

“I’ll be a pilot soaring high; tipping my plane’s wing.

I’ll shoot down a few; then parachute to the ground;

as my plane takes a hit; from enemy firing a round.”


Looking out her window Mom liked what she viewed;

Little Tommy swinging happily; no animals subdued.

Just her little boy swinging; harmless sunny day fun;

If only she knew; he’d need a cast by time day is done!

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