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through the eyes

By: HiKitty

Page 1, A poem about sharks.....right???


I want to know, I want to embark

A new world, a new life through the eyes of a shark

I could swim, I could creep; all day long

Watching, stalking, keeping strong.

I’ll camouflage, in water jet black

But as I get close, my plan-attack!

I’ll get a good feed, I’ll get a feast!

On anything there is-small humans at least.

I won’t have to hide, I won’t have to fear,

big fish and crabs that decide to come near.

If they get on my nerve, I’ll gobble them whole

That’s right, I’ll say. I’m in control!

I’m big and strong-you can’t stop me!

I’m the king of this world; I’m the king of the sea!

So kneel down before me, you must obey!

I’m hungry for a meal, so do what I say.


This life would be great! This life would be grand

But alas my friends, I cannot stand

The fact I can’t change, on a simple command.

I will stay me; and for all that I know

We’re missing out on a fantastic show.

I won’t ever see through the eyes of a shark

Or dogs for that matter, or cats or tree bark.

But at least we are fun, as humans we are

We can run! we can swim! We can drive fast cars!

I don’t have to change, I’m starting to see

What it is like, to be as be.

I’m starting to enjoy, this person I am

So don’t tell me elsewise, I don’t give a damn!

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