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Alphabet day

By: maystar

Page 1, It is a day in poem and it is in abc

Awake. Get out of
Bed. Go back to sleep,
Curtains are,
Drawn. The sun
Enters my room. I
Feel dazzled.
Get my and brush my
Hair, after
I get my toothbrush and
Joyfully stroll to the bathroom. I remove my
Kangaroo pyjamas, and put on my school clothes.
Later I brush my teeth, and go down to
Munch my breakfast.
No one is there
Only my mum. When I go down, I
Pass the door,
Quickly I,
Reach school and my first
Subject is science.
The teacher teaches us about
Ultra violet lights,
Very confusing
We then see a picture of
X-rays. Bored, then I Yawn and before I know it,

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