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Thomas J. Turkey (Thanksgiving Challenge)

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, What would Thanksgiving be without the turkey. Read on and find out how one turkey escapes being dinner.

Thomas J. Turkey took his first, long look around,
The shell he came from lay broken on the ground.
His mother watched him with a curious eye
even though she knew Thomas couldn’t fly.
Thomas grew quickly as did the other turkeys.
The farmer he watched them from under the trees.
Thomas was fatter than his sisters and brothers
His beautiful tail was much fuller than the others.
The farmer he waited and watched Thomas grow
and he counted the days till winter’s first snow
That day he decided would be Thomas’ last day
for that big old turkey someone dearly would pay.
Poor Thomas’ mother caught wind of his plan
and across the farmyard she very quickly ran
“Oh Thomas!” she cried, “You need to not eat,
or he’ll kill you and put you in the oven’s heat!”
Thomas he listened when his mother did speak
he lost nearly ten pound by the end of the week.
The farmer he fussed and how he did scream
his turkey was wasted as was his great dream.
Now Thomas is still in the courtyard, you see
because he never really became a big turkey.
Thomas laughs at the farmer at feeding time
because he wasn’t a victim of his cruel crime.

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