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Pain is a little thing--Isn't it?

By: Spyguy

Page 1, When you feel it you will pray, very hard please go away...


Headache time; "Please go away... Don't come back some other day."

"When you come you make me sad.

Go away and make me glad".

When I hurt I want to cry; big fat tears get in my eye.

Fire bright; my fingers burn, mama said that I don't learn;

it's so pretty, I can't see,

why it keeps on hurting me.

But that fire made me cry; big old tears from my eye.


I don't like Tommy anymore; He shut my fingers in the door;

I picked myDolly off the floor;

I had dropped her, fingers sore.

Pinched my fingers, made me cry; Lots'a tears to my eye.


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