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The Christmas disaster

Script By: lily bishop
Childrens stories

The Christmas Distaster is about three siblings that come together after the death of their grandmother to recreate a Christmas gathering from their childhood.

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The Christmas Disaster

(It is Christmas time in Willow Creek and many activities were going on. Grandma had just past away leaving the
family to cook Christmas dinner. Sara Sue, Cindy Lou, and Josie hadn't seen each other in quiet awhile. They had all grown up and went their separate ways each having a family of their own. Sara Sue was the oldest of the three and was the motherly type. She done most of the cooking and cleaning as a child and this Christmas she was hoping it wouldn't be the same.

The house was decorated in with red holly berries, and holly leaves. The tablecloth was red and had golden musical notes and staffs of silver that shined like real gold and silver when the light hit it just right. The kitchen had red checked curtains trimmed in white lace and by the door was a red poinsettia just like Grandma use to have. The cast iron skillets still hung over the stove and the wood stove still stood in the corner of the kitchen like it was 10 years ago. The squeaky cabinet doors still had that loud sound when opened. As the snow began to fall the urgency to fix Christmas dinner was beginning to bare on their minds. The stove was fired and the cooking began)


(The girls are in the kitchen getting ready to clean the turkey)


(Standing by the stove)

Josie we got to get this turkey going if we are going to have supper on time. You did make sure the turkey was dead before bringing him in didn't ya?


(Looking at Cindy Lou)

I'm pretty sure that turkey was good and dead. I mean it wasn't moving when I brought him in.


(Giving Josie the lecture)

Yeah it would be like you to bring in a half dead turkey. So when I pluck this bird it won't go flying in the air?


(Trying not to laugh)

Look that turkey killed over when I brought back the ax. It died of natural causes.




Yeah that turkey died of a heart attack. I can't believe you didn't check it for a pulse. That is so like you.


(Starting to pluck a feather. That turkey wasn't dead at all. It was in shock. It started to move and makes a gobbling sound and out the sink the turkey flies.)

Catch that turkey!

(The girls try to catch the turkey. It flies over the table and around the kitchen. Cindy Lou tries to catch the turkey but out the window it flew. Sara was very disappointed. Cindy walks up to her cousin Ray's house that has a dead turkey and gives it to Cindy Lou after she explains her situation. Cindy Lou walks back in the snow to bring in this dead turkey)


(With feathers in her hair)

A heart attack! Did that turkey look like it had a heart attack! Knock it out with a frying pan. Oh yeah that's killing a turkey. You showed him.

(The girls work on the other turkey and listen to Christmas music that plays in the background. Josie was working on the stuffing and softly spoke)


It could have happened to anyone you know.


EXT. DAY FRONT PORCH (Going out to get more wood)


Yeah it just happened to you. (Coming back looking at the stove) I can't get this stove to work!


(Looking for the Chocolate)

Do you remember where Grandma kept the chocolate? (To Cindy Lou) That's because it requires wood, paper, and matches in order for that stove to work.


(Pointing to the top shelf)

Grandma never wanted us to get into things when she was outside making her lye soap. She put it on the top shelf out of our reach. I really miss Grandma.


(Lighting a piece of paper to start the fire in the wood stove)

You remember the time she and grandpa got into a fight about him blowing up her lye soap and her blowing his still?

(The girls start laughing because it was a sight to see. They had all remembered too well about that day.)


I think we had best get back to cooking. (Looking at the clock) It's all ready 9:00am (Glances out the window)

Hey you guys it's snowing harder!

(The girls look out the window and quickly get to work on the turkey. The oven was preheated and the stuffing was being made. Josie worked on the salad, Sara Sue worked on the home made dinner rolls, and Cindy Lou worked on cooking some home made hot chocolate for them. Sara Sue made the yeast bread and set it aside to rise. After a few moments of silence the girls sit down while they wait for the turkey to cook.)


(Looking at her watch)

That bird ought to be ready around 4:00pm this evening. I am almost sure that is when it will be done.


Providing we don't get cursed with bad luck. You know that it runs in this family bad. Especially from Grandpa and Grandma. It was Grandpa that started it all. If it weren't from him blowing up something every weekend I don't think I could have handled living here in the sticks.


(Getting up to water the poinsettia)

I am going to miss Grandma. I hope she knew we loved her. I don't know why we didn't come see her sooner.


I was in Greece and that is a long way to travel. I only came back for the funeral and I am going right back. I have a family and a life over there.



(Feeling guilty)

I was really close to her and I guess I should have came over more to see her. I think about my missed childhood and I don't know I just thought if I stayed away I wouldn't have to deal with all the pain I felt growing up. No parents and growing up not knowing where I was going to be 10 years down the road. I did come over but maybe I could have done more.


I was here but I don't think I showed her how much I really cared. I think She did a good job with us but I don't know. I'm not sure what else I could have done.

(The hot chocolate is ready and Cindy Lou gets the cups. The snow was really coming down and the emotions of being back home ran high. There was a picture of their Grandmother that hung on the wall near the kitchen door. Their Grandpa had placed it there 15 years ago to remind himself how much his dear wife meant to him. All of a sudden a loud BOOM comes from outside. The girls race to the kitchen window to see what the commotion was about. An old truck had backfired as it was leaving from the nearby farm. The girls sit down and drank their hot chocolate slowly.)



I wish everyone could have been here for the funeral. Here we are fixing this wonderful turkey dinner and nobody has even called to see if we were all right or if they were coming. Jasper ought to be ashamed of himself and Mark too and the others too.


JASPER IS IN Nevada working in the casino and as far as Mark goes he is working in the oil field. As for the others we haven't seen them in over 10 years. No telling what their excuses are. I know a lot of people are thinking that we are here so they don't have to deal with it or that we can handle it.



I just wanted the family to be together.


(Comforting Cindy Lou)

Grandma wouldn't want us to feel like this. Grandpa is probably looking down wondering what we are going to blow up and Grandma you know she understands and has probably hit Grandpa for even thinking we would blow up something. Don't worry so much about who isn't here. I would have loved to see everyone too.

(The phone rings and Sara Sue answers it)

Sara Sue

Hello..Oh hi Jasper how are you things going at the casino? You don't say. Listen, are you going to be able to make it to Grandma's funeral? It's being held in three days.... Yeah....Willow Creek cemetery...See you then... Hey have you heard from Mark?....That's too bad...ok talk to you later...bye.


You knew I wanted to talk to him.


It really doesn't matter because he will be here in three days. I know you wanted to talk to him but he was in a hurry and the connection was not the best. (Fiddling through another drawer) Grandma left her wishes in one of these drawers. I remember her telling me that if something were to happen to her she would make it easy for us to find her will and her burial wishes. I just don't remember what drawer.


(Sniffing the air)

Do you smell something that just doesn't smell right?

(The girls turn and looked and smoke had begun to boil out of the oven. Sara Sue opened the oven door to the oven as the smoke rolled out. Cindy Lou and Josie start laughing)



It's not funny. Don't laugh...(Pulling the turkey out of the oven) Just look at my turkey...(Wiping the smut off the bird) I am doomed.. Just like Grandpa.


(Still laughing)

It's not burnt...It's just been smoked to death. So all isn't lost.

(Sara Sue woked on the turkey trying to get the smut off while Josie and Cindy Lou laughed about the turkey. It was a reminder to them that some family curses are just to strong to try and break.)


(Throwing her hands up)

My day has been ruined all ready. I may as well give up and go back to sleep and try again. First the turkey and now the decorations.



It could be worse. This is mild compared to some of our disasters. We haven't blown up the place or set the kitchen on fire. We may have smoked it to death but we haven't burned it down.


Oh great now I am doomed. Then the "It could be worse speech", That's all I needed to hear.


(Checking the wood stove)

Hey, I think we need some more wood in here. The fire is getting kind of low.

(Josie had black smut on her face and when she slammed the trap door shut the dinner rolls that had been rising had fallen. It was just another sign of how the day was going to be. Josie turned around and when Sara Sue and Cindy Lou saw her face they began to laugh. Josie couldn't believe what she saw as she picked up the stainless steel pot and noticed that the black soot covered her face. She washed her face and still had smudge marks from the soot. Cindy Lou gathered some fire wood from the front porch and loaded the wood stove. Sara Sue was working on her Jell-O mold when a crackling sound was heard from the roof.)


(Listening to the crackling sound)

Do yall here that sound? It is coming from the roof.


(Looking up at the kitchen ceiling)

I don't know but I don't sound good. Cindy Lou when you were getting wood how bad was it snowing?


(Looking out the window)

The ground is pretty much covered. I didn't notice if anything else was wrong.

(The girls listen for a little while but then the sound grew quiet.)


Maybe it was a tree branch scraping against the roof. I don't hear it anymore so maybe it stopped.


I hope so. I don't think I could handle anything else not right now.

(The girls wait a little while longer and take the turkey out of the oven. Just as the turkey placed on top of the oven the lights go out. Sara Sue fished around until she found the candles. The oil lamps were in the living room and it was so dark walking was impossible. Cindy Lou found a kerosene latern a lit it.)


Looks like dinner is going to be late.


Maybe not. We still have a little time left. I don't think anything else major could happen between now and then.


I really wish you wouldn't say things like that. It really is annoying.

(Just as the girls were abut to set the turkey on the table the lights come on. The lights flickered on and off for awhile. They sat the turkey down on the pretty red tablecloth and began to sit the rest of the table. Cindy Lou had found her Grandmother's red Christmas plated in a cupboard that was full of cobwebs. Sara Sue found some red and white candles and placed them on the table. Red ribbons were tied around the chairs as a presentation of the love they felt for their Grandmother. Josie looked under a wooden cabinet and found a jug of their Grandfather's Secret Shine. They were often curious about how it tasted and for a tribute they poured themselves a glass.)


(Looking down inside the jug)

I often wondered why people were so enthused to get a jug of Grandpa's Secret shine. I am grown and I for one I am going to taste this mysterious recipe.

(Sara Sue takes a sip of the shine and quickly gasps for air. The shine was strong and since this jug had time to age it was more stronger than most. Cindy Lou and Josie decided to be brave and take a drink. They too gasp and make choking sounds.)


(Waving her mouth)

I don't want anymore of that.


(Pouring her shine in the dog's water dish)

Remind me not to let the dog drink out of his dish.


Yeah that's all we need, one drunk dog to add to the rest of our problems.

(They all nod in agreement that shine was not for them. Dinner was ready and as they sat down they began to wonder if their day was really doomed. Sara Sue decided she was going to carve the turkey. Just as Sara Sue began to put her knife to the turkey it exploded. Air came from the bird and the turkey split apart. The rolls were flat and just as they were about to say the prayer the cracking sound from the roof began again. The girls got quiet and hoped that it was their imaginations running away with themselves. One cracking sound after another followed. The lights went out and the weight of the snow had weakened part of the roof. Sara Sue, Josie, and Cindy Lou sit patiently as they fill their plates with food. Just as the girls were about to dig in the roof caved in and snow was now sitting on their kitchen table. Their food covered in snow and they are in the dark.)


I guess saying it could be worse is out of the question.


Definitely. I suppose we could huddle by the wood stove until we get some light.


Sounds good to me. You know two stoves going at once makes perfect sense.

(The girls sat back around the wood stove thinking about their day and how their day and how they would have done things differently had it not started off so bad. Sara Sue, Josie, and Cindy Lou made themselves another pot of hot chocolate. Sara Sue and her sisters found the old radio that still had batteries in it and turned it on. The beautiful song I'll fly away came from the radio as the girls sang along with the radio.)



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