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Script By: mongoe charles
Childrens stories


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later night 23/01/2012


by mongoe charles

long time ago,while people still living a distance live,in uncivilazed province,people still believe on farming and livestock as the way of life,and only plan to make a living,they where distanced from eachother to own a space to support they livestock and also have enough place to farm.

we got a grannyma and her son,with they family.the old lady believe on a vision and that ws her way of life,his son was a believer and a words keeper.oneday,she told her son a vision,that one of her daughter will be a respectful person in the community and that she will change the family back ground.speaking this words at the time that girl were not allowed to work nor to attends school,the school was for white people and the only school was on the town where white people live and all people word on the factory and mines,working is for man only.

the family on the village where living far difference from others,hlulani man of the family,his grannyma xivonho,hlulani have a wife and three children,first was a girl,then a boy and a girl by the name of Vuswikoti,she was the last born at the time while they were alone on the village.

not many years pasted and the granny past as she was old,hlulani had keep in mind all information his grannyma spoke with his children,about the fature of the family.and since he was a believer,he was willing to see all this come to passed,as he stii lives.when hlulani's boy was seven years of age,he visited his other relatives,living on the other side of a place,where you need to walk two days to reach it with feet walking.

so they want with they livestock feeding them along the way,as they use to pasture it daily.the reach the place in two days finding the people still health and all no one had passed away,the only new thing was that they had started to make the way to the town regularly,other with work related and other with busines,as all thing where happen theree in the town so i9t good to be there.

they spend two day and then returned back home,as they were journing back home,from a distance,they saw they home in the distance,seeing a smoke on the air they thinked it could be something else nothing serious or worried about,as they where getting closer they started to hear some noise of people not used to them,them notice something is wrong.

they both run closer and hlulani told his son to wait,while he run and see what is happening,only to find that his daughter and his wife,where in trouble,they being beaten and reaped with a gung of man,they starting to torrorized the place every where mosly people who were far from other people where they target.to steal and kill.hlulani was strong but seeing his family like the way they being court,he became powerless and they beaten him too,since hlulani's boy still on the wait outside ,he started to suspect thing could be going wrong at home my father is not coming back to take me,they walk straight at space he sees his father,holded by two man and the other man busy beating him.with childish and confusing,hopeless,the boy get angry and decide to throw a stone on the man,then he hit one man on the face,at that moment those gung catch the boy nad kill him,his father became angry and re gain his power and start to fight back and win at the end but he did not kill both man,and he was sirious injured,they where ten man and other five still outside and where above to return

hlulani realized the where no time to wait but to run,they run knowing that they need medicine,as the two daugther of hlulani and his wife where still alive only wounded,he then take them run to his latives to get cover and help as they needed medicine.

the place was far in order for them to get there they must walk for two days,other problem was through they wounds they were not on a condition to walk a distance like that but they must do or die.Vuswikkoti was too young to walk by herself and she was unijured,hlulani remembered one of his grannyma's vision'one of your daughter will change the family'then he look at Vuswikoti and she was smiling both others where in on shape,unable even to walk but hlulani insisited that they had to move,they don't have to rest longer those gung can catch thgem without going no where,hlulani finding motivation on the vision of her grannyma and the smile of Vuswikoti.

everytime they are to rest,he keep on recalling one of his grannyma's ision.that keep him moving forgetting all his pain.the place where they were going people where geting civilazed and they where group living close to each other,it was a community. while they were resting in a minute ,hlulani think of his father's motivation'a man need to be strong,be a man,man expected to performed miracles,he gives hopes to his family,he revived his children's hope and make a life simple,showing his managing shill' with that words it had gives him enough energy to carry on his way.

then he stood and ride a tree to see a distance,how far is this place where they were going to.above as he was looking then he saw a man with a cattle,setted on a stone and believe the place could be near by.he told his family to move he is seeing a person not much distance away from where they are,now he has a hope his family will be save,he take her daughter and put her on the shoulder and hold VUSWIKOTI'S SISTER AND HIS WIFE AND QUICKLY MOVE,THEY WANT STRAIGHT TO THE MAN.the man they had seen was one of they relative taking care of cattle on the bush,during that time the help had arrived,on that time they got help,medicine,they need and fear disapeared,surrounded with loving people and everyone of his relatives.

a warm welcome was ofered to them from every member on the community.they had started a home and build a house and stay therre,when Vuswikoti was twelve years old on that year came a woman missionary,who find Vuswikoti as a nice kids and she had love her and willing to take her to the town by asking the family of Vuswikoti if they have no problem.every year on that community the missionary use to visit to share the word of God with the community.Hlulani wanted a work at town so she did allowed that they may take her to town since he will be there by the job in the town,hlulani accepted jesus and stay at the mission and he did not get a jo that he was looking for at the town,then he return back and left Vuswikoti,since she was started school thmake a pp they will bring her every year when school closed,hlulani with a little trying from missionaries,to read and write as the most important thing.

he came back home and start sharing the word of God regulaly with everyone and share stories from the bible and one he created with a little children,some of it he was told as he grow up by his parents.Vuswikoti was getting a education,since was under a good care of missionaries,she was the first black girl to attend school,she was visiting her parents every year they had promised with a group of missionary.

not forgetting the vision from his grannyma hlulani keep it in mind,Vuswikoti elder sister was now married and have two kids and Vuswikoti had two brothers who was born after her,Vuswikoti's brother called john and mark,mark was the last born at home

Vuswikoti was tried as a nurse sister,her work enable her to nurse the sick,wounded people and teach kids also to write and read,the vision was coming alive now,when she was 18 years old make a full time visit at home to be wit the family,she open clinic as a care centre to the community,hlulani realized the vision,Vuswikoti was well known person respected and loved by so many people,she became the first girl to want to school as a girl and introduce a work for all woman and every young person get access to attent school and mission came to the community

when she was 22 years of age,her father share a story with her about the family that involved her about the vision and the death of her brother.Vuswikoti at the end share the ties ,cry with the information ,thank God for she realized it was his place for take good care of her till now.Vuswikoti the first time she came to see and understand the will and parpose of God that no one can't change it,

Hlulani was a good story teller and a loving father and one day,with kids as they use to gathered together and listen to his story and teachs,the kids were gathered as usual on the care centre,Hlulani told the kids a very moving story.a story about the loose boy,trying to find his way back home to the village(............a way back home..............)A WAY BACK, THE YOUNG KIDS

everyone has his own home,a place where you can call home,where you started,a place of your roots

other people believe in loose or mission person,person who are missed by loved one,who wish to reunity with them but some osticles,he can find his way back.

the true is even,if you are on your way back home,without reaching the place,is like you are utterly lost,you could die,the some way as a person who is afar from his home,is like who die on a mile away from home,a person who is still searching can still find the place,meaning don't quit till you find your place,even no hope but a little search can do,as long as you live keep looking and have that willing mind,with faith and hope it is possible topo find your way back home.

is not how long you are look,or suffer,but joy that will fill your heart,finding rest and sit,take a deep breath and start to share a story,recalling all what had happen to your life all memories come to live ,memory of your past become joy,a warm welcome of friends and family your are to recieve at home,all where waiting for that moment,relatives and friends you are to met,smiles you are to see,love you are to exprience and shown,ties of joy,others hope come true,prayers answered to others,ties of joy.

all because you had come home at last,to reunity family and forgiveness and new life start again.

a boy and mother ontthe way to the city,it was the first for the boy to be at the city and the boy was only five years of age,city street busy as always,market every corner.the boy was young no used of the busies of the city and sreet.his mother use to it as she come every month to buy food,it all started on the shopping centre in the middle of the city,fasr away from a station where they can get tax home,at the shop there the boy looking for every thing he sees on the shop like he have money to buy,but only being kids,his mother forget about the boy keep on doing as she always does on her monthly shopping,when she finsh she pay for everything and want out in a short notice outside the shop she notice the boy is not around,she started making a search for the kids,going back at bstore as the store busy and big,she did not know where to start but try and ask every person but no one had said' i seen the kids,she want out searching,with a confused mind she passed a street without notice that could be cars passing and she was knocked down with an on going car,she taken to hospital and adimited for six month,she have no cell phone,no number she recall and problem was un able to do a thing she was coiscious for couples of day.as the family notice that night after night but words from them,usual it was a day trip,they where expected to return that day,but a week passed,months passed,they sand someone to look for them,they later discovered the mother was hospitalised but no kids,the mother was unable to to explain, in six month she was able to share the story,they where no hope to find the boy alive but they did keeep looking.

the time the boy realized his mother want aways,the kids want outside,because he was afraid and not knowing where to start looking for his mother,then boy decided to find a corner next to the shopping centre not many people passes not start crying,he was young not used of the city life,a man came and talk to the boy,was one of people living on the city not having the place to call home,they un trusted but police,he could not sand the boy to police station,not have food,living a live on the street,the boy needed a person and it was getting later so he follow the man,they slep on the corner,beside the building and the view of street,the boy had no money no food and was in need for food,he stay with the man hoping some one will find him,as he was scary to walk alone on the street,then he waited to the man to make a move and follow him,he cried and stop and forget he ever need someone in life,but have hope to get hope one day .it is hard when you are a child,to do all impossible thing,the boy has not money and he can't work as he was too young even to find a way by himselve.so the boy learn the live of living on street so fast and with a little mind save enough money dreaming that one day he will pay to get work as he still recalled how they came to town but only afreid to travel and passed the car moving so fast by himself,back at home still have a hope they will find him alive,but they don't know where to start looking at him,since his mother still confuse at hospital,she was no help in the search for the kids

with the help of God,with God's care the kids at street was fine and make it a home away from home and the people wherre his family,they share the food and share the place to sleep,family did report to the police but it did not work,after four months the boy was used of the town and know all place and even strong enough to face it by himselve,he even know the station they first arrive with his mother,at that point he take his chance and try to go home,since was young but can walk and he can talk it was easy to communicate at the station,he get on the tax wethiout talking to anone but people there thought he was with someone old,the tax was full and ready to go,when they get at the villge,he maized everyone he take money and pay the drive,the place was soo small he get straight home just run like he was on a marothon rice,when he get home not expecting him,he saw his mother ,he want direct to her.she cry not knowing what to say.she was speech less,all people came to celebrate with him,the loose kids rerturn home save and good,praise be to God,for taking good care of the son,in nowhere......


this story was to show that God,lives among us,he is not expected to be rich,but a person with love,who most people ignored.God move as a angel on earth with people we look down on them,he is with us always,when we are in need for him,we may not understand or know him because of his state how he looks as we see him,again to prove that when there is a hope,every thin is possible and you can ddo every thing,just don't give-up ,hope with love and faith.God will intervin in your life as a answer.

among kids listening to the story there was john and mark .his children.at that time,town was a busy placce,everyone want there for difference reason,some to work,busines,school,it was now a daily visit to a town since car was a transport that many can afort and Vuswikoti was a manage in the care centre only go to town to collect some goods to use it for community,like when she need medicine,and other school material

she had tried many woman and other many girls want to college just as she did,want on her foot steps,education was useful now toevery person and every person see the important of it.Vuswikoti's father dead,he was sick for a little period,she was 35 at the moment and she was still single and loving it.

she was a rich and a highly respectiful person,who was always busy with community works,her lives was on the community,with the she have for people,there was nothing can separete her from her job.HER NAME,LIVE FOR EVER AS LIKE WRITTEN ON THE ROCKS


by mongoe charles


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