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This is a script that I had to write for my Drama assignment. Enjoy :)

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Narrator: There once was a child named Sonny, she lived with her Grandmother, Audrey in a big house in the suburbs. Now Sonny never knew of her parents, she couldn't remember being raised by anyone but her Grandmother. Audrey loved Sonny very much, and Sonny loved her back. Audrey always called Sonny her little ray of sunshine and they were very happy living with each-other. But Audrey was getting older, too old to look after a little girl; she sometimes forgot things and couldn't look after Sonny anymore.

Audrey: I'm going to have to leave you Sonny, but Auntie Lynn will take care of you. You'll always be my little ray of sunshine, I love you darling.

Narrator: Sonny waved goodbye as Audrey placed a small box in her hands. Auntie Lynn pulled Sonny in the car and they drove away. They were driving for a very long time, but eventually Sonny arrived at her new home. It was a small apartment in the big city; Sonny dragged her things into her room and sat on her bed. She slowly opened the little box; inside there was a purple bubble blower.

Sonny: Dear Sonny, never forget the times we shared, because I will never forget you. Keep your mind wide open; let your imagination run free. Love Ma

Narrator: Sonny whispered as she read out the handwritten note in the box. Sonny opened the window and blew a few bubbles; they floated for a couple of seconds and then disappeared into the air.

Sonny: what is this supposed to mean Ma?

Narrator: thought Sonny, but then she remembered what the note had said. She blew another bubble and she watched it float away. She looked closely at it, and she could just see her and her Grandma inside the bubble.

Sonny: Auntie Lynn! Come here and look at this.

Narrator: Her Auntie rushed into her room and stood next to her.

Lynn: What is it Madison?

Sonny: here, watch this bubble.

Narrator: Sonny blew another bubble out of the window, her auntie stared blankly at it, then asked

Lynn: Madison, it's a bubble, what about it?

Sonny: can't you see it? The people in the bubble?

Lynn: There is nothing there. You're making a mess Madison, wash those sticky hands and then start unpacking okay?

Narrator: Lynn then walked out, leaving Sonny wondering what had just happened. She blew a few more bubbles, each one had a different memory. Like the time when Audrey tried to teach Sonny how to knit, but ended up covered in red yarn. Or the time when Audrey surprised Sonny for her birthday and she made little yellow suns out of cardboard. Or the time when Sonny dressed up as Audrey for Super-hero dress up day at school. Sonny smiled as the memories played out in front of her eyes. The bubbles floated over the hill back into the suburbs, where Audrey lived.

Lynn: Time for bed Madison!

Narrator: yelled Lynn from the living room. Sonny blew the last few bubbles for the night and this time each one had a letter inside. They floated into a line and they spelled out, "Goodnight Sunshine."

Sonny: Goodnight Ma.


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