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Winged-the girl in the sky

Short story By: animefreak77L
Childrens stories

Tags: Fairy, Tale.

This is supposed to be a realistic fairy tale. This is only the first draft and i know it has a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. It's sorta of an outline. i wrote this for a school project but decided not to hand it in. what do you think about it?

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Once upon a time in a land not so far away lived a little girl. This little girl had short black hair and dark blue eyes. If you look at her she seemed normal, but everything is not always what it seems. You see, this girl had something everyone wanted. Something all people can only dream about. She had wings, not just toy winds, real wings that actually flew. Her name was "Sora". But to her this wasn't a dream come true if was more like a nightmare.

"Sora, darling come on you don't want to be late for your first day of school, do you?" "No mom, I'll be right there." Sora replied as she ran out. "Honey, how many times do I have to remind you to hide them? Come let me help you."

You see, Sora's mom told her that she had to hide her wings, and that if anyone saw them bad things would happen and no-one would like her anymore. Even though Sora didn't understand how wings could be a problem, she knew she had to listen to her mom. Her mom knew what was best for her. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that her mom also had wings.

"Sorry mom I forgot. It won't happen again I promise. Mom why is it such a big deal? I mean it's not like I could hurt someone with them." "Sora I told you already, you don't know how people think, this world isn't as perfect as you think. If they knew you had them no-one would treat you the same. Please promise you'll never show them to anyone, I don't want you to get hurt." "Don't worry mom, I cross my heart hope to die, I won't." "Ok now you should get going, all your friends are waiting for you." "I love you, bye." "Bye, have fun."

And that's how Sora's first day of the 4th grade started. She had no idea how important this year would be for her, nor how she would never be able to forget it. Sora was a star student and all the students and teachers loved her. She always had a smile on her face, which lead everyone to smile back at her. Time when by and the year started to pass like the last, a perfect year, a perfect life, she had everything anyone wanted but the thing she wanted most.

"Mom, what's the use of wings if I can fly?" "You can fly honey, but wings are fragile things when you turn 16 they'll stop being able to carry you that's why you have to pick the perfect times to fly, you don't want to overwork them." "What about you, you can't fly right?" "Well they'll always hold the memory of the time that I did" "Mom when will I know it's the right time? What if it's never the right time?" "Oh honey," she said as she kissed her on the head, "you'll just know, the same way you know how to open this subject over and over again." Mom, what if I can't fly? What if my wings are just useless?" "They're not." "How do you know?" "I know, don't worry. When you do decide to fly make sure you're all alone, ok honey. Other than that you could fly whenever you like. Now go to sleep it's getting late." "Good night mom."

And she fell into a dreamful sleep; she dreamt she was above the clouds, looking down at the world. Seeing how beautiful it is. This wasn't the first time she dreamt of flying, every time she had that dream she'd wake telling herself that today was the day she would fly, but always got scared that she would fall and never tried. This time was different she knew she had to, or else it would be too late. She knew it was time to spread her wings and fly.

"Today's the day, its now or never." Sora told herself. She was standing on top of a hill far away from any people. "But what if everything goes wrong? What if I'm different? What if I can't?" She looked up at the sky and saw a crow flying up high. It looked like it was staring at her. "All these year of hiding, I have to come out of my shell. Mom always says everyone has to grow up. I have to make this step forward." She smiled then pulled her wings out. It felt so good to feel the wind blow through them. She finally felt whole at last. The sky looked so pretty, it called to her and she knew she had to answer. She flapped her wings once, and felt herself move up. The feeling was incredible. She took a deep breath and flapped them again and again until she was between the clouds. She had overcome her fear and it could have never felt better.

"Hi, little fellow. Isn't this great?" She turned around in a circle; this was the most fun she had in all her life. The crow did the same. "Hey, you wanna be my friend?" And that's how she made her first friend in the sky. Every month she would go once and fly with Devin (the crow). She knew that she always had something to look forward so she was happier than ever. Life was finally complete to her. To all the birds she was the princess with wings, at least that's what she would call herself whenever she was up in the air. Things stayed that way until she started getting carried away.

"You did very well in your exam today." Her teacher told her. "Really? Thanks a lot." "Thanks? Why are you thanking me? You're the one that has been working to get these marks." "No but you are the one that taught me in the first place, without you I'd never get these marks." She teacher smiled as she bent down to give her a hug. They were standing in the playground and all the kids were running around having fun. Then when Sora herd a familiar sound. "CAAAAAA, CAAAAAA" It was Devin, he was calling for her. She was so happy to see him that she forgot everything and flew up to greet him. Everyone froze, the kids started screaming and the teachers just stood there watching as one of their favorite student stood in the sky.

Once Sora knew what she had down, she flew down and tried to explain but it was no use, everyone knew her secret. And that's how her life started to change. At first everyone wanted to be friends with her, and she thought that maybe what happened wasn't a bad thing but then people started saying bad things about her. Everyone was afraid of her, kids started calling her names and picking on her, people stopped smiling back, teachers just walked by and let all the kids do anything to her. NO -one liked her anymore.

This was only the beginning of her problems, what was ahead would make her wish she could go back to this time. Her only friends were the birds, she started flying more and more. Pretty soon the sky seemed like the only safe place to her. "It's alright, you'll get over it. Listen Sora if you want we could move start all over." "No, then I'll have to leave Devin, I can't do that mom." "OK darling just be careful." She kissed her then left.

She started playing with Devin every day. One time they decided to have a race to see who could reach the sun first. Whenever her wings were flapping she forgot everything that happened to her. That day she spent hours, and hours playing. Suddenly she heard a scream. She zoomed down to see what had happened. It was her mom, the cops had come and taken her. Sora watched as they took her mom and put her in a cage. They ripped off her clothes and saw her wings. They threw her in a truck and drove away. Sora followed them to a lab. Her mom kept screaming, soon she could hear the pain in her voice. The people were doing experiments on her. Sora waited till it was dark then entered the building. This was going to be the last time she stood on land. "Mom, what are they doing to you? Why did they take you?" "I told you humans aren't as nice as they seem. Don't worry darling I'll be fine. I just need you to go fly as far as you can, and never come back. GO, they are coming." Sora flew away as tears shed down her face. Where was she supposed to go now? She could leave her mom like that. So she stayed in the sky watching and waiting for the day they would let her mom go.

Everyone around her grew and the world began to change except her. She never grew so she never had to lose her ability to fly. After awhile Devin grew ill. Soon after that she died. And Sora was alone again. Every day she would go to that hill and sit on a cloud and cry, all she could do was cry. She knew she wasn't welcome on land, she knew that if she went down she would be taken like her mom. The Earth aged and everyone she knew died. Pretty soon she stopped making friends, she knew every time she did they would die and leave her alone again, and she'd have one more person to cry over.

And that's how she stayed for years and years. Always to scared to come down, only having one wish left. DEATH. So you see kids, you should always overcome your fears, but don't expect life to always go your way, it isn't that nice. That's how this end, our princess in the sky didn't get the ending everyone wanted. If you listen well, you can sometimes hear her crying, waiting for someone to help her. Waiting to get her happy ending. And that's how she stays waiting.


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