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You never know tomorow

Short story By: animefreak77L
Childrens stories

this is a story of a boy that had no friends than had to grow and how life changed for him. This is a kids story i wrote for an english project and wanted to know what u guys think of it. Enjoy.

Submitted:Mar 4, 2012    Reads: 121    Comments: 18    Likes: 10   

In a world not so far away

Lived an boy who liked to play

But poor Dan never got his way

His parents were always busy

So he had no place to stay.

He had no family to take him in

He had no friends, or a twin

Life was hard for little Dan

He wasn't what you'd call a people's man

Everyone thought that he liked to stay alone

While in reality he just wanted someone he could take home.

To everyone he was mean,

In school he would always make a scene.

All the kids would stay away,

They were scared that he would wreck their day.

So Dan made up a friend

Her name was Yuki to who he could tend.

Life started to turn around,

Everything wasn't so upside down.

Now Yuki and him would play and play

They never had such thing as a bad day.

They'd go to the zoo

And see the pretty blue.

They always had something to do.

They made their own little crew.

And all the kids didn't have a clue.

There was always a smile on his face

Sadness had left without a trace.

He'd roam the world with his new best friend

But this is far from the end.

He grew and grew but couldn't stop

Now he would reach the top.

All the kids stop running away

They actually all had a very good day.

They saw his smiles and saw his cheers.

And now everything was so clear.

People stop seeing his tears

And his loneliness just disappeared.

He now had friends with who he played.

Life had turned a brighter way.

But to his surprise he forgot his friend

The one that promised will stay with him till the end

With his glee she vanished off

And left within the narrow trough

Dan knew what he had to do

He knew, he knew.

He called upon her and she came

To him quick she showed no shame

He smiled when he saw her delicate face

He was as happy as being in outer space

He hugged her quick and held her tight

He tried to hold on with all his might

He'd missed his friend so utterly much

And couldn't believe she was here to touch

He bent down to look her in the eyes

And realise the huge difference in size

Her eyes glittered with a beautiful gleam

She knew that someday this would happen to them

"Everything will be alright,

You should forget how we were tight"

"the sun cant forget about its light"

He replied with quite a fright.

"Don't be scared, it's time to move on

We have had our fun and games

It's time for you to do what's right

It's time for you to light the night.

" But where would you go and what would you do?

I cant imagine a life without you.

You took me in when I needed you most

You helped me defeat all those dreaded ghosts

You were with me through every step

How could I leave and just forget?"

"Don't worry I'll be alright

I can fight my own fights.

But now it's time to grow up and change

Things will never stay the same.

You've made new friends on which you can rely.

At first things might seem really strange,

But we know we all have to change someday.

Why not now when you have all these friends

People that won't hesitate to lend a hand

Time is always running away

We have to catch up

We can't make it stay.

Growing up is not something to fear

Without it we would all disappear

It makes us strong and makes us brave

It made us who we are today.

Life is a ride we all willingly take

To follow our dreams

To release the unawake.

To grow and prosper is something we all must do

Unluckily I might not be with you.

Don't worry, don't pout friends will come and go,

But they'll never be forgotten

I think that's something you already know.

Be loyal to your friends, cause they always help you grow.

Now is the time to take those first steps,

To admit change with no regrets."

"i will miss you, but i know you'll be near

Life right now is my only fear

But I'll overcome it with a smear

But today's the day that I almost won

If only you didn't have to run."

He walked away with all his pride

His courage, his love and left nothing behind

Yuki stood there in all despair

Today would be her worst day

She shed the last tear she would ever have

For when a kid grows his past dies

And Yuki was no compromise.

She knew she would parish

But she did it for her friend

He was the one that was important in the end

Life is all about sacrifice you'll grow up and see

It's as random as the roll of a dice.

Dan grew and forgot about rhyme

He forgot about Yuki

Forgot those crooked times.

Someday you to will have to grow

Have to fight and have to know.

Have to always tell the truth

Have to always do the best you could do.

So you see dear children time has changed

Everything will rearrange

But don't be afraid for life will move on,

We are all just part of some big song.


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