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An Escape to heaven : Rats Diary

By: aruntp

Page 1, An Escape to Heaven: Ratón Diary is a true story written in a mysterious way portraying the most vivid emotions of a Real Rat. This incident was written after getting some valuable entry from a diary that was found scattered around a hole… Readers are welcomed to go through those strange pages that are missed from the rest that can illuminate imagination…

On the right side of the entry it was written as 27 August 2010
When I climbed the tree leaning towards the roof of the human home, it was cloudy with shattering music of rain. Later the Sun disappeared shifting the beauty of light replacing beauty of darkness accompanied with the music of Owls and nightjars. I waited patiently throughout; as I need some food…my tummy was in fire….
 I climbed down from the roof top. I know the danger is hiding around every corner I sniffed. I have to expect a Cat, a Bird potentially a human devil around. Life is short, but I have to be in constant vigil from birth to death!
I will be in the odd end if I move around before the lights are off. I know more about the expecting danger from humans; they are the cruelest, cunniest and dangerous species I had ever met; even the hawks are descent in their killings!
Observation is the key tool for survival. No one teaches us about observation, but it is inborn tendency of us in particular. I watched all over, some sensation triggered my interest. It was a sweet smell flowing like a melody that has never heard before. Floating like a boat I followed the scent… My mind is still or in short I am hypnotized by the scent that can cool my inner fire.
Following the scent went around sniffing over tables, chairs and on the floor where some cloths were there. With a special interest, I just chewed a long pant to make it shorter for someone to be fit according to their fashion. But this was not the source of the scent…I went on dancing; following the source of scent…later I spotted something is calling me from the corner and it reflected my desire to be fulfilled.
It was not a dream, not a dream at all; my eyes shined, it was like looking a fresh flower with fragrance moreover I could see my face reflecting from the corner, smiling…. It was a mystic view…my nose run in front of mine than my rest of the body in a hurry forgotten the entire reality that hide behind the object. I also forgot the entire key that is to be followed in observation… at last such thing happens again and again…to all of us…
Invisible but visible I tried my first bite, giving me a terrible pain that shoots from my tail; Electrified in all aspect. The first moment I howled like a wolf in pain and anger… I realized it was a bait….fixed for trapping us. I tried to push as hard as possible; it gave me more pain and the whole trap was in motion with my body creating noises of despair.
I thought “final moment in life is on…oh God”
“How did I make such a mistake in my life…. eyes were blind with pain…it stuck like a thousand bites from a cat… Cats won’t give such pain while killing; Even if it is for few seconds. Oh…looked all around…”
Some faint light approaching, I saw suddenly. It is not imagination or dream but a reality approaching towards me in the form of death. I stood freezed with fear…every nerve stood tight as it could, looked all around. I could only hear the approaching noise of human footsteps approaching as the messenger of death. 
The sound of footsteps stopped beside me. I saw two giant  foots. I looked all around nervously… I know my death is near…and I am not proud to be as it happens from human hands.
I was unaware what was happened a while, I don’t sense a pain, my tail is free to move from the claws of iron gates. I thought what made that man to do this act… suppose I run away…but I couldn’t … I am aware that I am inside a metallic trap so hard to break.
Shook like an earthquake, the trap including me raised high in the air and moved rapidly the down floor. I saw one cat curiously looking at me and walking with that monster. Oh no…. Cats won’t spare anything. They are precise in catching… I know him as some of my family members are eaten by him… alone… Cats eye shined like two bright stars… I can see the real hell inside his eyes…
Moments passed I saw the iron door opening slightly and that monster put some banana fruit inside the trap again… I ate, it was delicious…my mind thought….humans are cunning…is it poison what he gave me…if… I watched my tummy…no pain…nothing happened…nothing happened… even after few minutes…
After a while all lights were out, door closed behind me. I saw a cat sitting near my cage looking at me… Cat was funny as he tried many times to catch me but in vain it slept beside my trap the whole night. I have heard Dog barking outside. Cats are too nervous when they hear Dog barks.  Cats are very cunning and selfish animals like humans. They usually exploit situations and circumstances more effectively than any other species and take advantage of feeble human emotions. So they live majestically around human dwellings.
Hours passed, the Sun smiled giving all blessings to nature to show its fresh colors, it was raining outside…I wonder the light is sharp enough to penetrate through the clouds to fall on this earth.  I only saw two brilliantly green bright eyes watching through out night like an unending nightmare.
This must be my last hours…I thought… “ I could hear more foot step noises approaching and moving all around including new two cats I could see watching curiously. Cats are font of fish; they are font of Us! And they eat what all humans eat except Vegetables. It is my fate to see all these three cats wanting me as their dish. Cats won’t cook food. But they eat cooked food. Humans consume cooked food, as I know they are afraid of getting diseases!
I know only one cat gets me, if the cage is opened… the others won’t. Can I prefer that lucky cat; if, all three never gets me! to die by a good cat is worth thousand times than with the hands of humans.
I saw the same man standing beside me. He took the trap; I was traveling high above swiftly; below I found cats following. He kept the cage on an open area. I can hear sounds of conversation going in between humans. Human conversation is a bit difficult. Sometimes conversation will be in low voice, sometimes it is high pitch. Some times never-ending and sometimes uses very short sounds. Male and female voices differ while I also understood individual voice quality is unique in whole sense. A weird species!
I could see grasses all around me….the greatest problem are from ants and mosquitoes…I saw one frog hopping in the far end. Lucky frog!  I saw numerous birds flying high and some bird’s low, some watching me. One of the cats seems to be funny and it hit the cage in a playful mood. I thought of running as fast as I could …. I don’t know towards where… that was the question of faith…there can be snakes watching patiently, or a cat following or a bird on the air or a big violent blow on the head by the humans. Any way I will die….
Heavy downpour kept me soaked in water….oh no, I hate in water as well as strong lights…now I am exposed to it. Bad Fate strikes one like halk, sometimes it is easy to escape sometimes it may stuck hardly, and we call it as unlucky.
Minutes passed, again I saw I was moving in the air, the iron door started to open slightly very slowly and some food materials where in! I rushed to the other corner of the cage in fear. What is going on…. I am helpless…this is poison…sure…I don’t eat…sure…The final moment was very near and it laughed at me… mercilessly.
A moment later strong flash light stuck few times…it was like a lightning without thunder…like a drumbeat without any sound.
A few moments later I saw the cage was rotated towards a bush leading to vast woods. Far away an Owl was there for action. I have to avoid it for life sake…merciless bird. I noticed that the Iron Gate opened fully suddenly, no second thought…in my mind... I was charged with enormous energy rushed as fast as I could where I saw a deep hole nearby… Miraculously, I was a free now…a great escape to heavens…deserved…and was proud…not to happen such errors again in life…

As an inventor of the entry,  something shocking event must have stuck inside and around the hole where the Rat entered, even though a mystery, I fear something happened that must have not happened at all. But I was so sorry to inform the readers that I spotted some broken Skelton chewed and crushed near the hole…So let’s pray for that poor soul 

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