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the rainbow gang

By: babykolabear

Page 1, a group of school kids start a detective agency.

THE RAINBOW KIDS.  one saturday morning a group of kids started a detective agency.bobby sue tammy betty and tommy.there first job was to find the missing dogs in the neghbor hood.they all wore shirts that said rainbow kids.five dogs was reported missing.and one dog belong to tammy.she was heart broken.thats why her friends started the club.they went to all the houses looking for neighbor said she saw a black truck driving real slow around midnight.betty and tommy decided to get a friends dog as a decoy to trap the dog that night they tied the dog in bettys front yard.that first night nothing the next night tried it again.this time it worked.a old black truck was moving real slow then it stoped in front of bettys house.the kids was hiding in a big tree.they had a net.a man got out of the truck and walked up to the dog when he reached for it.tommy yelled now.and they droped the net over the mans head.while he was trying to get loose the kids tied the net tighter.then called the police.all the dogs was in the truck.tammy got her dog back.she was so happy.the neghbors thank the rainbow gang for catching the dog napper.the police gave them all medals.they decided to help the police by solving other every saturday they meet to put there plan in to action.the rainbow kids will all ways be the neighbor hood watchers.

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