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Kai the Adventurous Baikal Seal

By: Benjamin Thompson

Page 1, The Baikal seal lives in one of the oldest and deepest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Baikal in East Russia. The Baikal seal is the only one to live in fresh water.


    Kai the Adventurous Baikal Seal


  In the Lake Baikal, Kai the Baikal Seal swam to get back to his twin brother Cal as he ran into a school of fish. He thought to himself “Wow! If I catch even three fish my brother and mom will be so proud of me!” So he set off after dinner with his head high.

   As he was approaching the fish he saw something in the distance, he squinted to try to see what it was but all he could see was that it was coming towards him. He squinted deeper “Is that a shark?” He told himself, “A SHARK!!!” he screamed to himself and then he started swimming as fast as he could away from it, but he wasn’t fast enough. The shark swam up and grabbed him.

  Kai fought back he wiggled and finally broke free and sped away towards his mom and twin brother Cal. His brother saw him and called his mom and they sped off after his brother with his mom and they all managed to get away. By charging onto dry land they escaped. 

By Benjamin Thompson 

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