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Lindsey Porter always thought of pirates. Everyday she hoped she would see one. One day,she got a mysterious phone call telling her to go to the Beach. Her brother Steven came home and Lindsey told him to come to the beach with her. They heard singing and saw pirates which one gave her and her brother names. They went off and sailed to SkullyBone Island? What happened to them? Read the story and find out.

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Part I

SkullyBone Island. That's all that Lindsey Porter was thinking about in science class. "Ok. Get out your biology notes," ordered Mr. Hagon, her science teacher. "Great. Biology now," thought Lindsey. She put her head down as Mr. Hagon spoke of the periodic table and birds till the bell ring.

It was the last day of school and it was ok. Gym was boring as usual and anti-math class was not so mathy since all Mrs. Clamber spoke about was summer.

Walking home wasn't so great either since sweat was raining down her face or the heat was steaming like an oven. When she got home, at least Steven, her annoying ten year old brother, wasn't home. That was the good thing about the peace and quiet at home. Now just wondering where the others were was the other part. Lindsey went upstairs to see if the were there. "Mom and Dad, where are you," yelled Lindsey. "Where are they," she thought. When she got downstairs, the phone rang and she jumped. Then she ran to the phone. The caller id was out of area but she answered it anyways. Breathing was on the other side. "Hello? Who is this," asked Lindsey. "Come to the beach," said a deep voice. "Ok but who is this," asked Lindsey starting to freak out. Music played so she hung it up.

Lindsey ran out the door and saw Steven waiting there. She hugged Steven but he pushed her away. "Yuck. Get off," yelled Steven. "Wait, you hear that," asked Lindsey. He listened and hears singing. Lindsey walked part way towards the beach and stopped. Steven followed behind. Her jaw dropped as she saw tons of ships in the water. She never saw anything like it before. Steven took her hand as he walked closer and a guy jumped out of the bush saying, "Yo ho mates." Steven screamed and ran behind Lindsey who was staring in amazement. Lindsey didn't know what to say so she said, "Howdy." "Why yer ships waiting for aye mates. Come aboard the Revenge," said the pirate who was leading them over. Steven looked at Lindsey and said, "What about mom and dad?" "Forget them now. We'll be back," exclaimed Lindsey. "So what are yer names mates," asked the pirate. "I'm Lindsey and he's Steven." "No mates. Yer names. Pirate names lets say." "I don't know," exclaimed Lindsey. "Well mates. Lindsey is Iron Anne Bonney and Steven, yer Black Davy Rackham and my name is Iron John Bonney. Call em by yer names." "Ok Iron John," said Iron Anne. They all hopped on deck and away go the Revenge.

Part II

Two days have passed. The crew was still out to sea but it was all going well. The Revenge was cleaned each day and the crew has been good with the food. They all have blisters but it doesn't hurt much. "How long till we reach the island captain," asked Black Davy? "Mate, if I knew the answer to your question, id tell yaw," answered Iron John. After about two hours, Iron Anne was cleaning the deck till she saw something green in the distance. "Land ho," she screamed. Iron John and Black Davy ran to see if it was really land. It turned out it was. Iron John went to the wheel and steered it right onto the land. They have made it. They all got out and screamed with happiness. Iron Anne hugged Black Davy and he smiled. "So where to now captain," asked Iron Anne. "Well let's see. We are on the top of the skull so we need the left hand bone," replied Iron John. He unfolded the map and pointed it out. "We also have to watch for dragons." "Dragons," asked Black Davy, "Dragons don't exist." "On this here island they do," exclaimed Iron John, "Big and vicious." They all started to walk in the direction of the left bone. Black Davy followed behind Iron Anne who was walking next to Iron John. When they came across a river, they knew they were there. They all stepped on the bone and that is where the ground began to shake. "She is up alright," said Iron John, "You can feel it in the ground." The dragon roared with anger and started to fly. Iron Anne looked up and there she was. Circling around the group. "Look out," screamed Iron John. They all ran and by one inch missed the poop falling from the sky. "Gross," replied Black Davy. They ran in the cave and they saw gold and two dragon pups. Iron John ran over to the gold and dove in. Then Black Davy and Iron Anne dove in next. They all snatched some gold and ran out but ran into the dragon. Iron Anne looked up. She screamed and behind that followed the other two screaming. The dragon roared and picked up Black Davy. He screamed and Iron Anne stepped on the dragon's foot. The dragon roared and dropped him into the water. He got out and ran so the other two did the same. They ran to the ship and hopped on so Black Davy started to drive it away from the island. They were all safe and sop was their gold.

Part III

Everyone who was on that ship had a good time. They threw a party as soon as the ship returned. Iron Anne and Black Davy's parents were happy to see them. The two thanked Iron John for the good time they had and for bringing them home safely. They also turned in the gold for cash except Iron John. He kept it as gold. Iron John also got his own pirate crew and went back to the island. Black Davy got himself a room makeover and a few games. Iron Anne put all her cash in a bank and got herself some makeup. At least everyone was happy for now until the next time to go to SkullyBone Island.


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