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Halloween monsters don't just cease to exist when Halloween is over. They go through the rest of the year, the same as the rest of us.

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Some people like Halloween.Others hate it.However, there is one group that absolutely lives for that time of the year.That group is the monsters.Every monster loves Halloween because they are finally allowed to be themselves and scare people without feeling bad about it.The only problem is that Halloween only comes around once a year.For most of the monsters, this makes the rest of the year kind of difficult to manage, so they fill the time as best they can.
The vampires tend to enjoy the time after Halloween because of the longer nights.Also, they find that the colder temperatures make it easier for them to fly around.The clear December nights are a particular favorite because they can see for miles in the cold air.However, once summer comes on and the nights are at their shortest, they tend to take on odd hobbies.Most of the vampires are members of a vampires-onlylaser tag league, since the fields must be mostly dark.Given their reflexes and eye-sight, the scores are never too high, and they can use parts of the course that most humans don't even dream of!
The mummy's like to work on their jump-rope skills, as well as their sewing skills.However, by mid-March, they are fully repaired and they are falling all over each other to get a chance to scare up some frights.It's about this time that they go out and wander around aimlessly.This is why they are no longer limber from their jumping rope and walk around stiff when Halloween finally rolls around again.
The werewolves have a fairly easy time of it since they can blend with the rest of the population most of the time.However, they tend to get the itch to run amok sometime around August.If you know where to look, you can see some rather large wolves running around the underbrush in most city parks looking for people to jump out and growl a playful, "BOO!" at.They mean no harm by it, but wolves aren't known for their restraint.
The skeletons have a very easy time dealing with the time off, since they can put themselves in small boxes and take a yearlong nap.After all, they don't get easily bored, since they have empty heads, and no rumbling stomachs to look out for.However, every now and then you will hear one or two outside at night enjoying the feel of the wind rushing through their bones.They even have a small group that gather to play lawn darts.It's always a long fight to see who they will use as the darts.
The reanimated monster has the easiest time of all.All he has to do is plug a television and a video game system into his electrical sockets and he can work on his game scores for the rest of the year.When he gets low on power, all he has to do is go outside and wait for a convenient thunder-storm.Whenever he gets lonely, he invites the rest of the monsters over for video game tournaments and snacks.It's always great fun, and they will usually end the night by planning new frights and scares.
So remember the next time that you see a monster at Halloween that they have saved that scare up for you all year long.Try to take a few times of your year and enjoy a good scare, because you need that little scare almost as much as they need to scare you.After all, remember that it's all in fun.


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