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Tags: Red, Rover, Remake

A a made up back story to the game red rover really is.

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Red Rover Red Rover
A girl named Lucy is an average girl, average grades, average looks. Her father at home is more focus on TV then the family. He's been that way ever sense her little brother died, Colt. They were on they're way from his little league game, they won with Colt being the winning run with a pass pitch and a stomach slide. The whole family was in the car and being the nice big sister she was Lucy convince her mother to let him sit in the front with dad. It was pretty late, there was a drunk driver on the road and run head on into them, they rolled down the hill and smashed into a tree on the passenger side, Colt died on impacted. Their mother was hospitalized and put into coma while Lucy and her father escaped with bumps and bruises. It's been 2 years sense that day. Lucy was walking home after school one day with her boyfriend normalcy was starting to come back to her. While walking home there was a gang across the street see the two love birds and saw them as easy targets. "Hey, love boy!" The couple try to run away but the gang caught them in a dark ally. "Look, we'er not part of any gang alright, just let us go." "Ha, you think that, man if you part of that we would've just killed you but, *looks up and down Lucy* I think we can work something out. Hahaha." Lucy is terrified. The boyfriend steps in front of her "you take all my money and belongings just let her go." "Na, see this what's gonna happen you gonna *black SUV gun fire* POP POP POP! All the thugs run off Lucy just sees her boyfriend body drop in front of her, she's to is to shocked to move. Lucy then finds her self alone in the dark ally, it then comes to her mind to run. She cuts throw a cemetery. She starts to slow down when she hears children singing. "Red Rover Red Rover." "Hello" she cried out a little girl with long blonde hair and a sun dress appears behind her. "Will you play with me?" Lucy looks at her with surprise. The little opens her hand and Lucy takes it and she walks towards the music. Lucy's sees a line of children dressed in odd and old clothes on the other side she sees her brother letting go of the girls hand runs over to hug him with tears in eyes. " Lucy. You can see me?" "What's going on, I thought, I thought you dyed." "I did." He said. "Red Rover Red Rover, have Nathan come over." The line of children sing. A tall timid boy walks up and runs across into the line of children. He bounces off the children a round fired hole appears where he lands and disappears. "What the hell!" Lucy screams. "That's what happens when you can't break their arms." Lucy looks for the voice "Trevor!" "Hey love." He exclaims. Red Rover Red Rover. Colt come over." The little girl with blonde hair says "if you don't go over, you lose." Lucy grabs Colts hand, and Trevor grabs Lucy's hand and they begin to run across. Only one person can go!" Screamed the little girl. The fired hole starts open Lucy, Colt, and Trevor jump over the hole and break though the children. Lucy open hers and sees she's in the cemetery to see Trevor and Colt standing with her hand and glowing. "What happen?" "You won Lucy. You won the game, now we can go to heaven." Colt said. Lucy screamed "What we!" "Ya. * Trevor explains* didn't you know. You died in the ally too." "But how come I couldn't see you then?" Lucy said. Trevor " I wasn't died yet then you were shot in the head. When I finally died I follow you to the cemetery." *glowing doorway appears* Colt pulls on Lucy's hand, Lucy looks over. " do you think there's baseball in heaven? Lucy." She smiles at him and gripped his hand and they all walk into the light together.


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