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The Enchanted Glass Mountain

Short story By: cuteblondangel88
Childrens stories

a rewrite of a classic fairy tale
a beautifull princess locked in an enchanted castle atop a steep glass mountain awaits her prince to scale the mountain and marry her freeing her from the enchantment

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Once upon a time there lived beautiful princess with long blonde hair that reached to her knees and large cornflower blue eyes. She lived in an enchanted castle made of pure gold atop a tall glass mountain. She was not only beautiful but very rich, every room in the castle filled with gold and treasures. But the enchantment she was under said that her prince must make his way up to the mountain and marry her within seven years or the mountain would disappear from the earth into nothingness taking her with it.

The mountain was very tall and the sides were so smooth that no horses could get grip on the slippery surface. To get into the castle the successful knight would need one of the golden apples from the tree that stood atop the mountain or else the doors would not open. Years passed and no man had been able to reach the princess their horses unable to climb the smooth sharp surface, they all fell to their deaths.
Whenever the princess looked out the windows of the castle she saw all the body's of the brave men that had wished to marry her and she wept. Though she pitted the men who died she knew that her prince would eventually reach her but she could not stand the waste of brave men from the kingdom, so she rarely looked outside only when she heard cheers of crowds supporting knights attempting to reach her did she stand looking out the windows.
It was nearing the end of the seventh year of her imposed imprisonment when a brave knight attempted the challenge. He had his horse shod with nails to help him find purchase on the slick mountain and bravely set off on his accent. He started off slowly not wishing his horse to slip on the smooth surface; letting is nail shod shoes find purchase with each step. He was making good progress and by the time the sun was high in the sky he was half way up the mountain and feeling very proud of himself. He kept his eyes upon the castle atop the mountain ignoring the cheering comments of the townspeople at the base of the mountain wanting to keep his concentration.
Hearing all the commotion going on bellow the princess went out to the balcony to watch the latest knights accent. She was shocked to see how far up the mountain he had got, no other man had made it this far in all the years she had been in the castle atop the mountain. She smiled as she watched his resourcefulness and bravery thinking that her prince may just have finally come to get her. She gasped in shock thinking that he was sure to fail when his horse stumbled on the smooth surface but the knight calmly turned his horse around and ran to the base of the mountain making it to the base unharmed.
The next day the knight began the ascent again, quite a crowd had gathered to watch the knight make a second attempt to reach the princess, the princess also stood on the balcony to watch the brave knight try to reach her smiling in encouragement fuelling his courage and determination. He had almost made it to the summit when all of a sudden a giant eagle flew from the golden apple tree and attacked the knight causing his mount to lose its balance and they both fell to their death.
In the crowd there was a young boy of only eighteen still in school watching the knights attempt. Every day since the princess had been in the castle he had dreamed of making his way up the mountain and marrying her. But he had bided his time building up his strength and coming up with the perfect plan to make his way to her. Seeing that the seven years of her enchantment were nearly up he decided to put his plan into action.
He went into the forest to find a lynx. Telling the creature of his plan he asks the lynx for his claws in exchange for keeping the creature as his companion in the castle with the princess not as a pet but as a friend. The lynx readily agreed and shed his claws for the boy, he spent the rest of the night making a pair of gloves and shoes from the lynx claws and fell into an exhausted sleep in the creatures den.
At noon the next day the lynx woke the boy up so that he could make his attempt up the glass mountain. They made their way to the mountain, the boy donning his newly mad gloves and shoes, the lynx riding upon the boys back. When they got to the mountain and started their decent, his progress slow to make sure each hand hold was secure before making the next, the townspeople jeered and laughed to see a boy trying to climb by hand, although it was not long before their jeers stopped as he steadily made his way up the mountain.
By night fall he had reached halfway up the mountain and decided to dig his clawed gloves in deep so that he could take a break. His position was extremely precarious but he decided to take a nap the lynx assuring him that he would help him keep his balance while he slept so that he would not fall.
He has just fallen into a deep slumber when all of a sudden the lynx's cries awoke him, he looked up to see a massive hawk swooping towards them thinking they were carrion and wanting a meal. So surprised was he that he let go of the mountain and him and the lynx started to fall back down the mountain towards the ground. The hawk not wanting to lose such a large meal caught them in his claws, lynx and all and, and started to fly towards the top of the mountain. Holding onto the hawks feet for dear life so he would not fall they made their way to the golden apple tree upon the top reaches of the mountain where the lynx used his sharp teeth, the only weapons left to him to kill the hawk.
The boy let go of the dying hawk and him and the lynx fell to safety into the branches of the golden apple tree atop the mountain. Taking some of the apples from the tree he pressed the peel from some of the golden apples to heal his and the lynx's wounds and tucked a few into his pocket so they could make their way into the golden castle to meet the princess.
They both rested for a while admiring the beauty of the view from the top of the mountain and marvelling that they amazed to make it to the top. Before too long they rose and made their way towards the entrance of the castle where they found the way blocked by a massive dragon. Unworried the boy merely threw one of the golden apples at it and it moved aside gaining them entry. Once inside they made their way to the top of the castle where the princess was waiting for them on the balcony.
She went to him and fell into his arms kissing him sweetly as she announced him as her prince and husband, the lynx to be their lifetime companion. Hearing a lot of cheering from outside they went out onto the balcony to see all the townspeople gathered below celebrating the couple's happy meeting. To everyone's surprise when the hawk fell from the sky and landed upon the glass mountain dead its blood bought all the men who had perished in their attempts to reach the princess back to life. The knights and their mounts got up and joined in the cheering crowds happy that the princess had finally found her love and that they had been returned to life.
The enchantment on the castle had been broken so the happy couple flew down upon the dragons back to join in the celebrating townspeople. The celebration lasted well into the night and the next day the couple got married with the lynx as the best man, then they returned to their home utop the glass mountain and the three of them lived happily ever after.


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